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There's been a few GBA titles already released for the Wii U but if you want a real treat we can't recoment Klonoa: Empire of Dreams enough and every Wii U owner really must download this classic platformer/adventure. Elsewhere, Touch Battle Tank 3D 2, finally gets a 3DS outing. Enjoy.

Squids Odyssey
(The Game Bakers) Wii U
Squids Odyssey is a unique mix of action strategy and RPG: build your team of Squid heroes for epic turn-based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimps! Steev and the rest of the Squids are in danger! An infectious black ooze is corrupting their world. The band of unlikely heroes need to fight back to save their kingdoms! Squids Odyssey is not just about gorgeous cartoon art, jaunty music and humorous storytelling, the battles provide a deep challenge as strategy and skill are required to use the environment, the Squids' strengths and enemies' weaknesses to lead to victory!

Swords & Soldiers
(Two Tribes) Wii U
The funniest action-strategy game you'll ever play! Command an army of Vikings in their quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce, lead the Aztecs in defence of the Holy Pepper and build an array of explosive Chinese toys! Build your own forces and defeat your foes using berserkers, dart blowers, giant boulders, ninja monkeys (yes, - ninja monkeys!) and many more!

Color Zen
(Cypronia) Wii U
Color Zen is a new kind of puzzle game. One that invites you to put on your headphones, relax, and find your way through an abstract world of colours and shapes. With simple, intuitive controls, the game invites you to relax and immerse yourself. There are no points or penalties for failure; just an abstract world of colour to move through at your own pace. So put on your headphones and find your way, with Color Zen.

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

In this Game Boy Advance exclusive adventure, dream-travelling hero Klonoa finds himself in a strange land, at the mercy of an insomniac emperor who wants to ban dreaming! To win his freedom, Klonoa must traverse 40 stages of platforming and puzzling action (and even hover-boarding!) and defeat the monsters that are creating havoc across the empire.

(Jupiter) Nintendo 3DS
The 4th game in the Picross e series, with a Navigation Feature! As fans requested, new 20x15 puzzles have been added. Micross and Mega Picross modes are also included, with 150+ new puzzles! Tutorials and rule options let newcomers to the series start playing with ease. With save data from previous games, you can also play additional Special Puzzles. Picross is a "picture crossword puzzle game" where numbers act as hints to complete images. The rules are simple and easy to grasp. Anyone can do it!

Touch Battle Tank 3D 2
(Agetec) Nintendo 3DS
Join the battle! Destroy the enemies! Win the war! 3D tank battle action returns! Like before, manoeuvre your tank with the Circle Pad and aim & shoot with the stylus. This time, there are two types of tank: the attack type with its powerful offensive capabilities, and the defence type with its impregnable defences. There are 90 stages in all (60 regular and 30 bonus stages) — 20 more than the previous game. Strap yourself in and gear up for an intense, futuristic tank shooting war — the original was only the beginning.

Turtle Tale
(Saturnine Games) Nintendo 3DS
Turtle Island has been invaded by pirates, and it's up to you to stop them! Captain O'Haire and his gang of Monkey Pirates have sailed in and taken over Turtle Island. Armed with his trusty water gun, Shelldon sets
out on an adventure to reclaim his home, stopping anyone who gets in his way!

Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Billy and Jimmy Lee, the Double Dragons, are back to avenge the loss of Marian! In their quest to defeat the evil Shadow Warriors, the duo face nine missions up against deadly street gangs, ninjas, and huge mutant fighters! Traverse through construction sites, alleyways, and underwater hideouts filled with traps. Can Billy and Jimmy contend with the enemies before them and ultimately save the world?!

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
(Avanquest) Nintendo 3DS
 Oz is in trouble again and needs Dorothy's help! This journey will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try and "dethrone" Jester and restore tranquillity to the kingdom! Dorothy needs you right away!

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