NDS LEGO Friends hits the DS

Warner Bros. Interactive today announced the launch of LEGO Friends for Nintendo DS! Already available for Nintendo 3DS, the popular video game now brings the collection of LEGO Friends building sets to life on the Nintendo DS handheld.

Whether meeting new LEGO Friends, building friendships or expressing a unique personal style, LEGO Friends for Nintendo DS delivers an exciting and fun adventure for players of all ages. As they explore the world of Heartlake City, players enjoy a wide variety of activities including competing in horse riding shows, taking photos for the local newspaper and mastering skills at the karate dojo.

Players can also care for pets, training them to do tricks for the pet show, grooming and feeding them, and using their special skill to help them on adventures throughout the game. In a unique twist, players can even trade places with pets and play the game from their perspective!

Posted on 08-04-2014 by Andrew


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