3DS Aeterno Blade Needs You!

Developers have already seen some success getting those hard to publish projects off the ground, thanks to Kickstarter, and now the CORECELL team needs your help.

The team have just unleashed AeternoBlade Campaign upon crowdfunding site Indiegogo and if anyone wants to see this game released on all regions they should show their support!

At present, the game will only be released in Japan on Nintendo eShop (for the 3DS). This is a good start for us. However, we can probably achieve a lot more with your help.

What can you expect we will do with the money? Our primary objective is to localizing the game for every region. Then we will try to release the game on multiple platforms.

Anyway, check out our Indiegogo page now by clicking here.

Posted on 25-06-2013 by Nikola


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