3DS More 3D hunting with Deer Drive: Legends

No, we're not trying to promote a new Mario kart-alike title starring deer, but we're talking a new game on the 'sport' of hunting: Deer Drive: Legends for Nintendo 3DS.

Maximum Family Games (MFG) today announced the upcoming release of Deer Drive: Legends for the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. Developed by Raylight s.r.l. (yes, they're still around), Deer Drive: Legends brings gamers a realistic 3D hunting simulation that features animals both commonplace and extinct. 

In Deer Drive: Legends players will embark on hunting expeditions around the world, taking on big game such as bears, antelope, moose, elk, deer, and mountain lions, as well as prehistoric species such as the saber-toothed tiger, T-Rex, and Gastornis. For hunting enthusiasts, the game combines the usual thrill of hunting prized animals found across the earth with the fantasy of claiming a trophy never before seen by the human eye.

"Deer Drive: Legends satisfies lovers of the old school hunting games in that it spotlights favorite animals found in forested areas, but it also brings something more to the table with the inclusion of animals believed to have died out millions of years ago," said Len Ciciretto, President, Maximum Family Games.

"What hunter hasn't fantasized about taking out a Smilodon?" said Massimiliano Di Monda, CEO, Raylight s.r.l. "Hunters always want the biggest and the best. Well, now they've got it!"

Featuring more than 30 exotic and elusive animals like wooly rhinos, white-tailed deer, wolves, and Irish elk, Deer Drive: Legends takes players across four continents into famed hunting regions such as the African Savannah, Rocky Mountains, and Great Lakes to stalk their prey. As each successful kill is made, players have the opportunity to collect trophies and unlock bonuses such as new environments and weapons.

Deer Drive: Legends is the second of four Nintendo 3DS titles from MFG scheduled to release before summer. To be exact, Deer Drive will be released on March 27, 2012.

Posted on 07-02-2012 by Dennis


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