3DS Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit 3DS Screens

If you are feeling the Winter at the moment (and we are in the UK) then you may want to indulge your more active side with Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit. We'll be reviewing the game very soon but, until then, why not check out these new screens from the various events.

Immerse yourself in the intense competitive atmosphere and fight for your country in 7 enthralling winter sport disciplines! Become the winter champion and take part in exciting contests on the most thrilling ice surfaces and snow pistes in the world.

Experience a fantastic competition atmosphere and be right up close as a winter sports athlete when victory in a competition means a hundredth of a second! Prove yourself in the enthralling Single Player mode, or compete in riveting multiplayer matches for up to 4 players in split screen mode on one console.

Take your team to the icy top of the winter sports world in over 50 breathtaking challenges and emotionally charged competitions!


  • Experience thrilling competitions in 7 breathtaking winter sport disciplines
  • More than 50 gripping challenges
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players
  • Wii Balance Board support
  • Extensive character design tool
  • Over 20 nations to choose from
  • Action-packed gameplay with turbo boosts and slipstream runs
  • Fast-paced cup, challenge and single discipline modes
  • Unlock rewards
  • Spectacular slow motion replays
  • Emotive soundtrack and panorama
Posted on 01-02-2012 by Andrew


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