WII Two New Reviews

You wouldn't know it was summer here in the UK and the hot sun and blue skies has been replaced by a kind of nothingness. Still, it is traditionally the time we indulge in outdoor games so we've give Chris the chore of reviewing two Wii games, only inside, if that makes any sense?

Big Family Games is THQ's attempt to tap into the lucrative group games market which has exploded on the Wii but is this really better than Wii Sports Resort? Chris is the man with all the answers in his review of Big Family Games for the Wii.

It's that time of year again and EA has released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for golfing fans the world over. Like the FIFA series though there has to be a reason to upgrade from last years offering but is there here? You can find out now by checking Chris's review here.

Posted on 15-08-2009 by Andrew


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