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  • ETC Happy Holidays to All of Our Readers

    Well, it's Christmas Eve and we're going to be taking a few days (or weeks) off so it just leaves us to wish all of you a Happy and restful Holidays with hopefully a geat deal of cheer and time to cram in some extra gaming time. See you in 2015!

    Read more » Posted on 24-12-2014 by Andrew
  • 3DS 3DS Street Fighter Still a Big Seller

    If, like us, you are a little concerned with the lack of new quality titles heading to the 3DS well it seems their may be some gems in the not too distant past. According to website SiliconeraSuper Street Fighter IV is still a huge seller on the system shifting over 100,000 units between July - September this year and now totaling over 1.2 million sales since it's first release.

    Read more » Posted on 24-12-2014 by Andrew
  • 3DS Disney's Up! Movie Coming to 3DS?

    In a rather surprising move, Japanese 3DS owners have been given the opportunity to download the full Up! movie to their 3DS systems for around 3240 yen. The news was revealed via twitter and we do wonder if we could see this kind of thing in the West. Would you like full movies on your 3DS?

    Read more » Posted on 24-12-2014 by Andrew
  • ALL Renegade Kid Talk Moon Chronicles, Dementium and Treasurenauts

    Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid has been talking to Nintendo Life about the companies plans for 2015. The interview contains updates of the eagerly awaited Dementium and Treasurenauts as well as the rather uncertain future of Cult County. You can read the interview in full now by clicking here.

    Read more » Posted on 23-12-2014 by Andrew
  • ALL New to the 3DS or Wii U?

    Nintendo have produced a couple of 'getting started guides' for anyone who's been lucky enough to get one of their systems this Christmas. The PDF's give new users the basics to getting the most of their new consolde and you can download them now by clicking here or here.

    Read more » Posted on 23-12-2014 by Andrew
  • ETC Satoru Shibata Wishes Gamers Happy Holidays

    With more and more Christmas and Seasons Greetings cards taking the digital route now Satoru Shibata of Nintendo of Europe. has decided to do the same so why not head inside to read his end of year message.

    Read more » Posted on 23-12-2014 by Andrew
  • ETC Reggie Fils-Aime amiibo - NOT Coming Soon!

    Nintendo have posted a picture of a rather unique Reggie Fils-Aime amiibo on their Facebook page. Sadly, it's only a festive mock-up although judgeing by some of the responses, this could be a best seller if it ever did become available.

    Read more » Posted on 22-12-2014 by Andrew
  • 3DS GAME Offering Majora's Mask 3D Pre-order Gift

    UK gamers will no doubt be delighted to learn that pre-orders of the standard edition come with a wonderful Majora's Mask themed Paperweight. If currently available of the official website at £32.99 but if you want one, we'd get in early.

    Read more » Posted on 22-12-2014 by Andrew
  • ALL Christmas Day eShop Offerings

    There's another generous helping of digital goodies this week with everything fom Spider-Man to Transformers available for download and the long awaited return of arcade classic Duck Hunt. If you're one of the many who doesn't exactly have a lot of spare cash by Chrsitmas Day then there's even a free demo of WRC FIA World Rally Championship for 3DS owners.

    Read more » Posted on 22-12-2014 by Andrew
  • ALL Shadow of the Ninja Coming to 3DS and Wii U in 2015

    Publishers Natsume have tweeted that the action/platformer Shadow of the Ninja is heading for the 3DS and Wii U sometime next year. If you have no idea what we're talking about why not head isnide to see some footage of the NES original.

    Read more » Posted on 20-12-2014 by Andrew
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