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  • 3DS Mario Golf: World Tour Teeing-off This May

    Golf fans rejoice as Nintendo have announced that Mario Golf: World Tour will be available for the 3DS this 2nd May. In addition to previously announced multiplayer features, the game will also include the Castle Club, a single-player clubhouse area that offers a variety of areas to help players hone their skills.

    Read more » Posted on 16-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP Nintendo Release First 'Free to Play" Title

    Nintendo have released their very first 'free to play' title for the 3DS this week and if you haven't already downloded it, head to the eShop now! Steel Diver: Sub Wars is a strategic first-person shooter and is the successor to Steel Diver.

    Read more » Posted on 16-02-2014 by Andrew
  • WIIU Bayonetta 2 Getting a Summer Release in Japan

    The long awaited Bayonetta 2 will be released sometime during this Summer in Japan. The news was confirmed by the developers Platinum Games. There's still no confirmed date for the European or US release with the publishers simply saying the games will be available 'sometime this year'.

    Read more » Posted on 16-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ALL Mutant Mudds Deluxe a Wii U Hit!

    Mutant Mudds Deluxe developer Jools Watsham has revealed that the Wii U version of thier classic 2D platformer shifted more units on Nintendo's new platform that Steam, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita combined. This is great news for the long suffering console although he does go on to say that the original game has still sold more on the 3DS.

    Read more » Posted on 13-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ETC Nintendo Direct Tonight

    For all of you who happen to be in the UK, there's the very first Nintendo Direct of 2014 tonight at 11pm. Our European readers will have to wait until midnight. In other words, Valentines day. 

    Read more » Posted on 13-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP New Treasurenauts Trailer

    Mutant Mudds developer, Renegade Kid, have released a new trailer for their 2D platformer Treasurenauts and we have to say that it's looking every bit as playable as their previous titles. Head inside to see what we mean.

    Read more » Posted on 12-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP Aeternoblade European Release Date

    It was only last week when we brought you news regarding Corecell Technology's plans to bring Aeternoblade to the 3DS later this month. Now the developer have revealed the European date via their Facebook page. February 27th is the date for your diaries and we can't wait.

    Read more » Posted on 12-02-2014 by Andrew
  • WIIU Watch_Dogs Only Delayed on the Wii U

    There's been some speculation over the last week or so regading the future of the Wii U version of Ubi Soft's Watch_Dogs being cancelled. It turns out that the game is simply delayed with a Ubi Soft spokesperson confrming:

    "We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team's resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft". 

    Read more » Posted on 10-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP Inazuma Eleven 3 Hitting This Weeks eShop

    There's a fair few titles on offer at this weeks eShop including Inazuma Eleven 3 and Adventure Time. Sadly there's also a handful of (full price) digital offerings of LEGO Movie Videogame for both 3DS and Wii U. Can't you make these a little cheaper Nintendo?

    Read more » Posted on 10-02-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP Moon Chronicles Trailer

    Ok, it may be a few days late but this 3DS reworking of the DS classic FPS/Adventure; Moon is well worth the wait. Don't believe us? Head inside to see what all the fuss is about.

    Read more » Posted on 07-02-2014 by Andrew


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