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  • NDS Cancelled Initial D EX Screens

    Those good people at Unseen 64 have landed yet another exclusive by uncovering a handful of screens from the cancelled version of Initial D EX for the Nintendo DS. A similar game was recently released for the 3DS as a free to play title but you can see what the DS version was like by clicking here.

    Read more » Posted on 19-05-2015 by Andrew
  • ETC D3Publisher Becomes D3 Go!

    We've seen a few name changes and rebranding over the years and now D3Publisher have decided to streamline their name to the rather snappy D3 Go! and move their focus to mobile and digital. Head inside to find out more.

    Read more » Posted on 12-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Yooka-Laylee Campaign Now Offering Free DLC!

    Having surpassed the £1.5 Million mark, developers Playtonic are celebrating by announcing that all backers of their Kickstarter campaign will now receive the first post-release DLC absolutely free. Head inside for the full statement.

    Read more » Posted on 12-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Acro Storm Racing onto Wii U

    Indi developers Blue Comet Games have announced that their futuristic racer Acro Storm is heading to the Wii U and we have the first trailer and details inside.

    Read more » Posted on 12-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Guitar Hero Live - First 24 Tracks Announced

    Now that Activision are about to re-boot the Guitar Hero franchise we're expecting lots of this 'update/new announcements' from not until the games eventual release. Head inside for the latest.

    Read more » Posted on 12-05-2015 by Andrew
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