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  • 3DS Tetris Ultimate for 3DS Coming in November

    You will recall a time when we didn't even think that Tetris Ultimate would make it to the 3DS but now Ubisoft have confirmed that it will be available from November 11th.

    Read more » Posted on 14-10-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP Become a Lone Survivor at This Weeks eShop

    As the nights are drawing in. things are looking a little better at the eShop with something for everyone This Thursday. The highlight though, has to be Curve Digital's Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut which will delight all you Wii U adventure freaks.

    Read more » Posted on 13-10-2014 by Andrew
  • ETC Nintendo Sponsor Indi Expo at EMP Museum

    We loved Seattle's EMP museum whan we visited it last year and now Nintendo have announced that it will sponsor a new exhibit at the museum showcasing the exciting world of independent video games.

    Read more » Posted on 10-10-2014 by Andrew
  • 3DS Xeodrifter Gameplay Trailer

    Renegade Kid have released the first trailer and gameplay footage from the wonderfully retro looking Xeodrifter. The game is due for release on the 3DS (via the eShop) but Jools Watsham has also hinted at a possible Wii U outing too.

    Read more » Posted on 10-10-2014 by Andrew
  • ESHOP Shantae and the Pirates Curse Getting a Late October US Release

    WayForward have announced that the long awaited Shantae and the Pirates Curse will be heading to the US eShop on October 23rd at $19.99. To celebrate this they've released a new trailer featuring Rottytops which you can see inside. There's still no European details but we'd guess you'll be able to get your hands on the game before Christmas.

    Read more » Posted on 10-10-2014 by Andrew
  • WIIU Bayonetta 2 Wii U Demo Footage

    One game which really impressed us in the recent EuroGamer Expo was Bayonetta 2. Wii U owners can see what we mean as the action packed demo is now available in Europe. If you haven't got a Wii U tough, you'll just have to head inside to see the gameplay footage.

    Read more » Posted on 10-10-2014 by Andrew
  • ETC Want to Build Your Own Portable N64?

    There's been a lot of very interesting projects on Kickstarter but have you ever wanted to play all those N64 classics on the go? Well now you can as Nicholas Sallee offers up a Portable N64 Kit on Kickstarter. It's not cheap though and with a pledge of over $200 just to get your hands on the various components, it's only for game addicts. You can read more now by clicking here.

    Read more » Posted on 10-10-2014 by Andrew
  • 3DS Nintendo Adds Themes to 3DS Menu

    Nintendo has released a system update for Nintendo 3DS that will add new functionality to the handheld system. As part of today's system update, a new Theme Shop has been added to the HOME Menu that unveils themes for Nintendo 3DS.

    Read more » Posted on 07-10-2014 by Andrew
  • ETC Official Nintendo Magazine To Close it's Doors

    Nintendo UK and Future have today confirmed the closure of Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) in the UK. The last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which launched in the UK in 2002, will be in stores on 14th October, 2014 (Issue 114).

    Read more » Posted on 07-10-2014 by Andrew
  • ALL Super Smash Bros. Wii U Launch Details and 3DS Sales Figures

    It's clear that all the hype for Super Smash Bros. has paid off for Nintendo and the 3DS version has shifted an impressive amount of units. In addition to this, the Wii U version is almost upon us but to get the full details, head inside.

    Read more » Posted on 07-10-2014 by Andrew
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