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  • WIIU Guitar Hero Live - First 24 Tracks Announced

    Now that Activision are about to re-boot the Guitar Hero franchise we're expecting lots of this 'update/new announcements' from not until the games eventual release. Head inside for the latest.

    Read more » Posted on 12-05-2015 by Andrew
  • ALL 3D Thunder Blade Coming to This Weeks eShop

    Another sparse week at the eShop this week but 3DS owners do get the chance to play yet another SEGA classic with 3D Thunder Blade while Wii U owners get to battel it oit with Mega Man on the Virtual Console.

    Read more » Posted on 11-05-2015 by Andrew
  • 3DS New3DS Bundles Heading to Europe

    Nintendo today announces that three new hardware bundles for New Nintendo 3DS, themed around three blockbuster role-playing games, will be available in Europe from 26th June.

    Read more » Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew
  • ETC Nintendo Characters Coming to Theme Parks

    Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts today announced plans to bring the world of Nintendo to life at Universal theme parks - creating spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo's wildly popular games, characters and worlds.

    Read more » Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew
  • ALL Kung Fu Panda :Showdown of Legendary Legends Coming to Wii U and 3DS

    Little Orbit have told u that they plan to bring Kung Fu Panda : Showdown of Legendary Legends! to both the 3DS and Wii U.

    Read more » Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew
  • 3DS Johnny Dynamite Launch Trailer

    UK based Indi developer Twofivesix Ltd have announced that they are bringing their action/platformer Johnny Dynamite and we have the very first trailer and details inide.

    Read more » Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Nihilumbra

    Indi puzzler Nihilumbra is making it's way to the Wii U thanks to the efforts of Barcelona's BeautiFun Games.

    Read more » Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Yooka-Laylee Now Live on Kickstarter!

    OK, so were a few days late on this but, given that Playtonic's 3D platformer raised $1,122,550 in 8 hours amking it the fastest game to hit $1 million in funding on Kickstarter, does it really matter? Click here to find out why you should definately back this Wii U title.

    Read more » Posted on 02-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Project CARS - Final (and Full) Car List

    After many delays it seems that Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS could finally make it's way to the Wii U and, in anticipation, we have to full list of cars included in the game. Head inside to seee if your favoured mode of transport is included.

    Read more » Posted on 02-05-2015 by Andrew
  • WIIU Ultratron Invading the Wii U This May

    Curve Digital, the largest indie publisher of console titles, has today announced that hypnotic twin-stick shooter Ultratron will be invading the Wii U from May 14th.

    Read more » Posted on 02-05-2015 by Andrew
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