WII Excite Truck - Custom Soundtrack

Custom soundtrack confirmed on Excite Truck by the good people at IGN.

This is taken directly from the Excite Truck instruction booklet:

Excite Truck allows you to listen to your personal MP3 music files during the game. By inserting an SD Card into your Wii console, you can choose the music you want to hear.

How to Select Music Tracks 1. Insert your SD Card into the Wii console.

2. Begin or continue a game and enter any race. Before the race begins, press + on the Wii Remote to access the Sound Options screen.

3. Select the "SD Card" option.

4. Any MP3 files available on your SD Card will be displayed (100 songs maximum). To choose a specific song for the race you are about to enter, highlight that song. You can also choose to randomize all songs shown for that course. Highlighting "Default" will play the standard in-game music.

5. Press 1 to return to the Sound Options menu, then 1 again to return to the pre-race screen. You can also use the "Sound" command at any point during the race to change the current song.

Posted on 12-11-2006 by zombie


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