ALL Atlus E3 Line-Up Extended

More titles from Atlus on display than previously announced. Deep Labyrinth heading for Europe and a sequel to Trauma Center.

Atlus has revealed that its E3 line-up consists out of more titles than previously announced. While this comes as no surprise, a few titles are worth mentioning.

First of all, Atlus is planning to bring Deep Labyrinth and Touch Detective to US Nintendo DS units. Summon Night: Swordcraft Story will find its way to the Game Boy Advance.

Also announced is a title we'll cover on Wii-x2 in the near future: Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the, as Atlus described it themselves "Nintendo, uh, console formerly known as Revolution"

More information and media on the titles above will be disclosed later today.

Posted on 10-05-2006 by Dennis


  • Yay@Summon Night: Swordcraft Story! Now I can stop trying to figure out the Japanese version!

    NPC, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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