NDS Metroid Prime Hunters - New Details

Brand new details on the most anticipated first-person shooter for the Nintendo DS yet: Metroid Prime Hunters.

Our German colleagues from Gaming-Universe claim to have received new details on the upcoming first-person shooter Metroid Prime Hunters. According to the Germans, the game will allow up to 4 players during multiplaying sessions. While not using the Nintendo WiFi Connection option, the empty slots of these four players can be filled with CPU bots. Best of all, the game is said to feature single-card multiplay through the download option. Unfortunately, the single-card multiplaying option only allows the Samus-model playable.

But there's more. According to Gaming-Universe's source, Metroid Prime Hunters will feature seven different multiplayer-modes:Battle - the classic Deathmatch known from various first-person shooters. Everyone's your enemy in this mode.Survival - Just like the Battle-mode, but this time you'll get a limited amount of lives. Get killed to often and it's game over for you and off to the spectating mode.Bounty - Bring the Octolith-artifact to your base and score points. Of course you're also allowed to blast everything that's moving on your way finding the Octolith.Defender - Like King of the Hill from other first-person shooters, you're assigned part of the map and it'll be your task to defend that part.Prime Hunter - Play hide-and-seek, as one player is assigned to be the Prime Hunter. Kill the Prime Hunter to become the Prime Hunter yourself. He who manages to stay the Prime Hunter for the longest time wins.Capture - Capture the Flag on the Nintendo DS. Team up with another players, try to steal your opponents' Octolith and bring it to their base.Nodes - Several nodes are scattered throughout the map. Get close to one to get it activated on your account and score points. He who claims the most nodes wins.

src: Gaming-Universe

Posted on 24-01-2006 by Dennis


  • Also noticed a few (new?) pieces character on the official minisite (http://www.metroidhunters.com)

    Dennis, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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