GBA Rebelstar Tactical Command has gone gold

Rebelstar: Tactical Command has gone gold. Developed by Codo Technologies, which also developed hit game X-Com.

?Rebelstar Tactical Command has an unmatched turn-based strategy pedigree,? said Jeff Lujan, business director at Namco Hometek Inc. ?The game expands upon traditional strategy gameplay with true character development, fully destructible environments and a compelling science fiction premise, delivering the most full-featured handheld strategy experience for gamers everywhere.?

In the year 2117, the Earth has been overrun by a terrible alien scourge known as the Arelian Empire. Controlling mankind through fear and intimidation, the Arelians have brought countless suffering to mankind, abducting all humans once they reach the age of 30. A new recruit named Jorel joins a group of rebels in their struggle to reclaim the world for humans, driving the Arelians back into the deepest, darkest reaches of space.

Rebelstar: Tactical Command lets players control their own squad of rebels. Using a turn-based combat system, players will be able to devise unique strategies to achieve victory, such as flanking opponents, utilizing the game?s fully destructible environments to destroy cover and using lines of sight to their advantage to perform sneak attacks. As they fight their way to freedom, players will be able to develop their characters, outfitting them with new weapons while cultivating unique skills. Players can also battle head-to-head against their friends with a single cartridge in competitive hot seat multiplayer mode.

Posted on 07-08-2005 by skarma


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