NDS Metroid Prime Hunters Bundle?

Cheapassgamer.com was right on the Mario bundle before, but now they're claiming an unreleased game to be bundled with the Nintendo DS...

According to a recent newspost on Cheapassgamer.com, all major US retailers will start selling Nintendo DS bundles containing a Nintendo DS unit and Metroid Prime Hunters for a price of $150, starting this Fall.

CAG's source? Someone hiding behind a nickname of 'Wombat5277', the very same guy who also predicted the Super Mario 64 DS bundle earlier this year. "my unnamed DS source let me know that shortly after its release, it [Metroid Prime: Hunters] will be the next game offered free with the purchase of a DS. Just in time for the holidays it seems."

Whether Nintendo could really be planning to bundle an unreleased game (which also happens to be one of the blockbusters of this year) remains unknown for the moment.

src: Cheapassgamer.com

Posted on 13-07-2005 by Dennis


  • cheapassgamer.com, hmm? I'm not exactly beliving this.

    Nintendude, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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