GBA Backyard Baseball 2006 - Info & Screens

Screenshots and the factsheet of the Minor League Baseball-game Backyard Baseball 2006.

Kid versions of Major League Baseball stars join the Backyard Kids... and they all fit in your pocket! Backyard Baseball is back on the Game Boy Advance with new players, secret bonus pros, wacky power-ups and more. Pick players, or create your own, and smack the cover off the ball! You'll hit homers and throw strikeouts like a pro... a kid pro!


  • MLB Pro Kids - Alex ?A-Rod? Rodriguez, Pedro Martinez, Vladimir Guerrero, Albert Pujols, Ichiro, Alfonso Soriano, Nomar Garciaparra, Eric Gagne, Carlos Delgado, Ivan ?Pudge? Rodriguez
  • Custom Players - Create your own Backyard all-stars
  • Pro Teams - Pick from all 30 Major League Baseball squads, or choose a customizable Backyard team
  • Secret bonus stars - Unlock additional pro kids
  • Quick games and full seasons - Play right away with a pickup game, or enjoy an entire Backyard Baseball League season
  • Crazy power-ups - Smash towering home runs, pitch flaming fireballs and more
  • Amazing Fields - Play at Backyard fields like the Junkyard, Boardwalk and Gator Flats swamp
  • Cool Mini-Games - Compete in the Home Run Derby and try the Fielder?s Challenge
Posted on 23-01-2005 by Dennis


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