NDS Famitsu Extravaganza!

The lastest issue of Famitsu magazine brings us much joy for both the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance fanatics among us. (hint: Kirby DS, Harvest Moon and more...) *update* The Tower SP has been added to the list.

The lastest issue of Famitsu magazine brings us much joy for both the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance fanatics among us.

Let's start with an announcement: Famitsu is indeed reporting that Nintendo is working of a game called The Tower SP for the Game Boy Advance. According to our source, the game looks a lot like Yoot Tower, a spin-off Sim Tower game, in which you'll have to build a tower from scratch. Building condo's, offices, movie theatres... all in order to make profit and expand your tower even more.

Secondly, Famitsu shows various new Nintendo DS games. Grab your seat, because these are games we've been waiting for. We've got Touch! Kirby: Mahou no Efude (which translates to Touch! Kirby: The Magic Paintbrush), Super Princess Peach and Harvest Moon DS.

Let us start with Touch! Kirby: Mahou no Efude.

kirbyT.jpg (click for full version)
Both the title and the scans point at a whole new type of Kirby action game. It looks like Kirby will be rolling down the course and that players will have to use the touchscreen (the 'magic paintbrush') to help Kirby through the course. A minimap on the top screen helps you find your way through the course, while all the action is happening on the bottom screen.

Next game on the list is Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS.

princesspeachT.jpg (click for full version)
Not much can be said about this title yet, except for the fact that Princess Peach will be the star in her very own 2D platformer. Over the years, Peach seems to have grown fond of her smiling umbrella, which also comes in handy in this game. Peach will not only use this umbrella to float around (as can be seem in the scan), but also as a weapon. You go girl!

Next up: Harvest Moon DS.

harvestmoonT2.jpg harvestmoonT.jpg (click for full version)
Two scans for this title, both revealing quite a lot. The first scan shows Harvest Moon as we know it: a farm-sim. Graphically, not much seems to have improved over the GBA version and the screens indicate what everyone feared: the touchscreen used solely as an inventory menu. But there's more to it! When we look at the second scan, Marvelous Interactive reveals another use of the touchscreen. We're going to give our livestock a decent wash! Rub your animals, make the soap go everywhere and get your horses, sheep, chicken, duck, cow, dog or even you cat shine in order to get them win prizes at the annual farm-festivals.

Time for the last one (for now): Animal Crossing (or: Animal Forrest)

Animal Crossing seems to have been improved since E3 2004 when it was first shown to the public. As far as we can judge based on these scans, the game looks a bit more smoother (more poligons used per character) and the 3D view has slightly changed.

*update* The Tower SP has been added to the list.

harvestmoonT2.jpg towerspT.jpg (click for full version)

We'd like to thank and 'John TV' and 'U_Neek' for supplying these scans.

Posted on 28-10-2004 by Dennis


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