NDS Nintendo - Tokyo Conference (2)

More and more news keeps dropping in. What about Yoshi's Touch & Go or an Advance Wars DS?

More and more news keeps dropping in. What about Yoshi's Touch & Go or an Advance Wars DS?

GameSpot is reporting several more titles than we've currently withnessed in reports on the Tokyo conference. According to their agent in Tokyo, Nintendo is planning to release two brand new first-party titles called Yoshi's Touch & Go or an Advance Wars DS in the near future (not being launch titles). Apart from this, various titles by 3rd parties were announced as well:EA is coming with Madden NFL 2005, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf and The Urbz: Sims in the City during what is described as the hardware "launch window". EA is also planning GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Need for Speed Underground for a release later-on.Activision release Spider-Man 2 at the US launch and will release another (unnamed) title soon described as "major".THQ has various titles in development and will release Ping Pals at launch.Feel the Magic: XY/XX ('Project Rub') will be available at launch as well, as was reported yesterday, and Sega confirmed that Puyo Pop Fever will hit the stores soon after that. Ubisoft was said to release three titles (Rayman DS, Asphalt Urban GT and Crush), but not at the US-launch. Whether GameSpot's source misunderstood about the Asphalt Urban GT title or not remains unknown, since it was earlier reported that this title would be a launch title.Namco will throw in 2 games: Ridge Racer DS and Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits. Capcom confirmed it's Viewtiful Joe title once more.Hudson Soft will bring Bomberman to the NDS.Frogger will hop in from the Konami studiosand Square Enix will offer a Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles title (GameSpot did not report the FF3 title mentioned earlier today).

GameSpot also reports an interesting extra feature conserning the GBA-backwards compatibility: "The release specifically states that the second game port will let users play 'single-player modes of games made for the Game Boy Advance SP,' which reiterates that the DS will not be compatible with GBA link cables."

src: GameSpot

Posted on 07-10-2004 by Dennis


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