3DS Johnny Dynamite Launch Trailer

UK based Indi developer Twofivesix Ltd have announced that they are bringing their action/platformer Johnny Dynamite and we have the very first trailer and details inide.

The diabolical Doctor Osmium, tired of being known as the world's second most evil genius, has hatched a devious plan to seek revenge on all who mock him! He has rigged famous world landmarks with explosives and left his loyal mutations to guard them! Enter Johnny! Grab your jetpack and trusty sticks of dynamite and thrust your way through 54 stages of explosive action. But be quick.. failing to defuse the explosives withing the time limit will cause a chain reaction!

Johnny Dynamite, or JD as we like to affectionately call him, started life back in 2003 as a casual, fun to play arcade platformer and was published by mForma. In 2012, with the Nintendo 3DS as our new target platform, we decided to bring him back with a bang! We revamped the art style and enemies and added a level editor for players to build and share their own levels with friends. We wanted the editor to be really simple to use but powerful so that anyone of any age could have fun with it.


54 fantastic levels for hours and hours of fun.
Powerful yet simple level editor lets you create your own levels.
Export and import levels as QR codes and share them with your friends
Beat the 3 star challenge on every stage.
Support for stereoscopic 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew


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