WIIU Nihilumbra

Indi puzzler Nihilumbra is making it's way to the Wii U thanks to the efforts of Barcelona's BeautiFun Games.

Nihilumbra is an indie puzzle game where you control Born, a dark creature who must escape from the Void. To do so, he will explore different world with increasing challenges while avoiding the Void, which seems to devour everything it faces.

How to face the Void

Born's journey seems useless at first: a constant off voice will remind us that we're small and that we don't belong in this new world. We're outsiders. It may be the voice of... our own conscience? But as long as our adventure goes forward, things will start to change. And here's the twist: we will gain control over different colors that have different powers. With them, we will be able to paint the world that surrounds us in order to solve the different puzzles we meet, to beat every challenge we face. And in the end this may be one of the true core concepts of this indie game: not giving up in front of an uncertain and apparently threatening world, but being enough brave to make our way through the challenges we encounter.


As its creators, we love to see how it results not only funny but also insightful for the players. So we didn't want to stop there: we have worked a lot to build new versions that allow more players to experience Nihilumbra through other devices. And finally now we're proud to say that Nihilumbra will be available on Nintendo's Wii U on May 14th

Let's beat the Void together!

Obviously, we needed to celebrate this milestone with a cool twist: the Wii U version will include a co-op mode! In this mode, a player will control Born, but a second one will control the brush and the colors! So they will need to join forces to challenge together the Void! We have thought that this mode will add a whole new layer of fun to the game. It seemed a clever way of exploiting the Wii U technology to enhance the Nihilumbra experience! So now it's up to you to enjoy Nihilumbra as a deep voyage full of personal growth and introspection or as a funny co-op experience that will challenge you to coordinate with a friend and that will remind you that no one is alone against the Void! So... which one will be?  


• The ability to change ground physics using five different colors.

• Use five worlds as your canvas and transform them at your will.

• Original soundtrack composed by Álvaro Lafuente.

• Unlock a great surprise by completing the game. Replayability assured.

• A brand new co-op mode! Beat the Void with a friend!

Release dates: European Wii U tm eShop - May 14th 2015 - 8.99 € (20% off until May 28h 2015)

Posted on 07-05-2015 by Andrew


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