ALL New StreetPass Games Come to This Weeks eShop

Things are really quite exciting, at this weeks eShop, for 3Ds owners and after a few sparse weeks we not only get the two new StreetPass games but also the long awaited Iron Combat: War in the Air. Have fun.

StreetPass Mii Plaza - StreetPass Fishing
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
In StreetPass Fishing, players visit islands to try to catch more than 150 types of fish and legendary monsters with bait received from Mii characters via StreetPass. The bait received depends upon each Mii character's shirt colour and with so many species to encounter, you'll have to discover the favourite bait for each fish to successfully reel them in. Select your fishing spot, cast your line and pull when you get a bite, but be careful not to break the line or you'll lose both fish and bait! Each catch will earn you money and increase your rank, enabling you to purchase new rods and aquariums, and access new locations.

StreetPass Mii Plaza - StreetPass Zombies
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
In StreetPass Zombies, players receive items based on the hobbies of their StreetPass Mii Plaza characters and use them to defeat a horde of zombies. In order to save the city, you must work your way through each stage and wipe out the zombie menace using 26 of these unique weapons. Mii characters that you meet can join the fight as CPU-controlled characters or lend you their weapons. Perform combos to take down the enemy or dole out extra damage with a charge attack.

StreetPass Mii Plaza - StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium offers a host of new features to enhance StreetPass Mii Plaza, including StreetPass Birthdays and the new Mii character VIP Room, along with greater options for the Music Player and for greeting other Mii characters.

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Special Demo
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
Discover the puzzle-action game sensation with this free demo, which features a whole stage from Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition and has two difficulty levels and a variety of team set-ups to try. Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is a two-game-in-one package. Puzzle & Dragons Z combines the elements of a deep and strategic puzzle game, a dungeon-crawling RPG and a monster-collecting adventure. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition offers the same deep puzzle gameplay, presented in the Super Mario Bros. universe. Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition releases on 8th May.

Elliot Quest
(PlayEveryWare) Wii U
Elliot can't die - but he's still running out of time. In Elliot Quest, the victim of a rare curse must find a cure before he's transformed into a demon. After Elliot's wife disappears, he falls sick and attempts to take his own life, only to discovers that he can't die. Plagued by nightmares and growing weaker by the day, Elliot seeks out a local Sage, who tells him that he's the victim of a rare curse. A demon called a Satar is slowly consuming Elliot's vitality. If Elliot can't find a cure to the curse before it's too late, he will become a Satar. His only hope is to ask for the help of one of the island's Guardians, who have kept the Satar from taking over Urele. Explore a vibrant open-world filled with hidden secrets and mysterious Guardians that can help cure Elliot's curse of immortality. Throughout this adventure you'll collect countless abilities and spells, quest through five dungeons and defeat 16 unique bosses along your way to unlocking multiple endings.

Word Search by POWGI
(Lightwood Games) Wii U
Word Search by POWGI includes more than 300 puzzles to keep you and your friends puzzling for hours, and up to five can play! Use the Wii U GamePad's touch screen and add Wii Remotes to solve the puzzle together as a team, or compete for the best score. Or just sit back and relax as you follow your progress through 27 different categories at your own pace - no television required! Play with the whole family and use the game as a fun way to practice spelling and vocabulary. POWGI's word search puzzles are expertly hand-crafted for your enjoyment and are stuffed to the brim with words in every direction!

Get ready to roll the dice in TABLETOP GALLERY. In this exciting title, you can choose from three games. POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE combines the single player experience of solitaire with the hand-building mechanic of poker. SHUT THE BOX tests your skills at eliminating the tiles on the game board in order to "shut the box". TOSS N GO pits you up against the computer or a second player to see who can be the first one to bank 100 or more points.

Pandora's Tower
(Nintendo) Wii U
Break a curse that threatens to transform a beloved friend into a horrific beast in the stylish, dark and captivating Pandora's Tower for Wii. Pandora's Tower blends RPG elements with action-packed gameplay as you assume the role of Aeron, an Athosian soldier facing a deeply personal and emotionally charged mission. With your friend, Elena, bound to a grave fate that is causing her to mutate into a demonic abomination, you'll feel the pressure of time and the rush of accomplishment as you take up the fight to eradicate the spreading evil that has gripped her. To add to the drama of this melancholic and unconventional adventure, it is only by consuming the remains of monsters Aeron has slain that the cruel curse binding Elena can be reversed. Experience a dark and original RPG adventure, where you must break a curse that threatens to transform your friend into a demonic beast. Explore and survive 13 towers, defeating enemies and traversing your environment with a combination of swordplay and by using a magical chain that boasts multiple uses. Feel the weight of a dynamic relationship in which your actions have a direct visible effect on your friend, Elena. Race against time to save her.

Iron Combat: War in the Air
(Teyon) Nintendo 3DS
The skies of future Earth are endless battlefields and you have volunteered to become a living weapon, the last hope to vanquish an evil corporation bent on enslaving mankind. Chase in the air as a sophisticated fighter aircraft, then transform into a hi-tech mecha to finish off the enemy. Victories earn you credits that can be used to purchase powerful weapons and upgrades. Fully customise your abilities and use new powers, you choose how to make every battle unique. Become the mightiest weapon humanity has ever seen! Are you the hero Earth needs for ultimate justice? Maneuver, chase and fire in realistic Air Combat Mode, or close-in on the enemy and destroy them in thrilling Mecha Assault Mode. Fight hundreds of enemies and bosses, in the air and on the ground. Tally kills to purchase weapons and upgrades to customise your vehicle. The game features easy controls, stunning 3D effects and highly immersive graphics. Clear missions and reveal the storyline in Campaign Play, or master every level in Free Play.

A-Train 3D: City Simulator
(Natsume Inc.) Nintendo 3DS
In A-Train 3D: City Simulator, you become the CEO of a transportation company of a city. As CEO, it's your job to take on the challenges your city is facing. Build train and bus lines, purchase subsidiaries, and help turn your fledgling city into a thriving metropolis. But watch out! If you run out of funds, or aren't able to complete your goals, you'll be fired! Therefore, you'll have to do your best to keep the company going strong. Keep the cities, towns, and outlying villages running smoothly. Buy and place complex transportation systems to increase population. The game's Map Editor Mode also lets you build and set your own scenario requirements to beat.

Heart Beaten
(Springloaded) Nintendo 3DS
What if someone loves you, but your only desire is to get away from them as fast as you can? Heart Beaten: the anti-Valentine, a game in which you battle against the advances of an unwanted lover. Crush their heart in a series of 15 epic challenges. Take to the skies in a spaceship, drive a car, or take on the role of a Shotokan Karate master! All in the name of crushing someone whose only desire is to make you feel loved. This game is the anti-Valentine. Crush your admirer's heart in a series of epic challenges. From piloting a plane over the Bikini Atoll to being a chef wielding a super-powered blender, there are countless ways for you to defeat your lovers affections and destroy their heart.

Word Search by POWGI and Demo
(Lightwood Games) Nintendo 3DS
With more than 300 puzzles to solve, Word Search by POWGI will keep you puzzling for hours. An intuitive touch-screen interface puts you straight into the action without any complex controls to learn. Follow your progress through 28 different categories, from animals, nature and science to school life, hobbies and careers. POWGI's word search puzzles are expertly hand-crafted for your enjoyment and are stuffed to the brim with words in every direction!

3D Fantasy Zone II
(SEGA) Nintendo 3DS
Fantasy Zone II, first released for the SEGA Master System in 1987 as a sequel to 1986's Fantasy Zone, is the fan favorite scrolling shooter in which players control a sentient spaceship named Opa-Opa to fight surreal invader enemies. 3D Fantasy Zone II upgrades all visuals from SEGA's System-E to System- 16 graphic standards and combines stereoscopic 3D effects with a host of additional features to deliver cutting edge gameplay experience with a classic feel. Additional features include: an all-new endless game mode that takes place in the mysterious Link Loop Land, the ability to save replays for later viewing, a Stage Select feature that allows players to save and resume progress mid-game, and adjustable difficulty settings.

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