ALL Citizens of Earth Heading to the eShop This Thursday

There's not a great deal to shout about at this weeks eShop but at least both 3DS and Wii U owners get to spend some quality time with the Citizens of Earrth.

Citizens of Earth

(ATLUS) Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
You've just been elected as Vice President of the World... So what now? Recruit your friends, your family, and everyone else around town to join your party and fight your battles! In this modern-day retro-RPG, you have returned home from the campaign trails for a little taxpayer-funded vacation... to find things have gone mad! Only YOU have the charisma it takes to delegate all the dirty work and save the world. So don't ask what you can do for your countrymen...Ask what your countrymen can do for you!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

(Nintendo) Wii U
Two of the best-loved - and certainly the hairiest - video game characters on the planet are set to make a roaring return in Donkey Kong Country Returns. And, for the first time ever in the series, the primate pals can now face their foes side-by-side, courtesy of a new two-player mode. Donkey Kong Country Returns offers the popular side-scrolling experience the series is known for, together with new levels, spectacular graphics and added depth to gameplay, courtesy of fully 3D environments - all of which are sure to delight both fans and series newcomers alike. In this latest instalment from Nintendo, in association with Retro Studios, you'll find yourself immersed in dynamic duo, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's, quest across jungle, beach and ruins to rescue Donkey Kong's precious banana hoard from an array of enemies.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math
(Nintendo) Wii U
Join Donkey Kong Jr. for a maths lesson with a difference! In this educational NES game, swing and jump around the stage, collecting numbers and symbols to calculate the correct figure displayed by Donkey Kong. Put your mathematical skills to the test in single player mode or challenge a friend to a two-player maths race. You can even pester your opponent by grabbing numbers before they do!
This is the US version of the game.

DK: King of Swing
(Nintendo) Wii U
The denizens of Donkey Kong's home are staging a contest to find the ultimate hero. So when King K. Rool swipes all the medals, DK swings into action. DK: King of Swing is a unique platformer using just two buttons. Press L and R to lunge and leap from branch to branch and attack enemies, as you clamber your way through the levels. In addition to the main Adventure mode, you can also try your hand at Jungle Jam as you race against the computer in various events like climbing and obstacle races, and Barrel Blast!

Big Hero 6: Battle In the Bay

(Avanquest) Nintendo 3DS

Following on the heels of their super hero debut, the Big Hero 6 team has targeted a dangerous gangster named Yama and his legion of out of control fighting robots! The team is after Yama because he is a threat to their identity as Big Hero 6. Take control of the stars of the film in this action-packed combat platformer! Send robots flying across the screen as Hiro with his electro-mag gauntlets! Zoom through levels at top speed as GoGo! Slice and dice as Wasabi with his plasma blades! Smash and burn as Fred in his Kaiju monster super suit!

(Gamelion Studios) Nintendo 3DS

Hazumi is a game of action and puzzle-solving where you control a coloured ball. Your goal in each level is to destroy all crystal blocks. You can only remove a block if it matches the colour of the ball. Deadly traps and labyrinths will stand in your way, so use cunning to your advantage! Featuring over 100 puzzles, a level editor, pixel art graphics and immensely addictive gameplay, Hazumi will keep you entertained for days!

Posted on 19-01-2015 by Andrew


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