NDS The Nintendo DS is 10 Years Old!

Well it's a little older actually but it is 10 years ago this week that the original silver (and rather bulky) Nintedo DS was first released in the US. Anyone who was lucky enough to get one in the those opeing weeks was not doubt bowled over by the fact that the N64 classic: Super Mario, could bow be enjoyed in the palm of your hand. Did you buy one in the first few weeks?

Posted on 21-11-2014 by Andrew


  • Bloody hell, that went fast! Feels like just yesterday I got my DS, then DSL, then DSI, then DSIXL, then 3DS, now 3DSXL and I'm looking forward to the New Nintendo 3DS....hmm it would seem I'm a sucker for Nintendo handhelds

    Semti, 22-11-2014 at 02:04
  • Yes, it does only seem like the other day and, like you, I've brought pretty much every Nintendo handheld. Just waiting for the release date and price point of the new one now.

    Andrew, 23-11-2014 at 12:16

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