3DS Fantasy Life Website Live!

Nintendo have told us that the website for their upcoming RPG, Fantasy Life is now live and you can go there righ now by clicking here.

Brought to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS by LEVEL-5, best known for the Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven games, Fantasy Life is an RPG that offers loads of quests, tons of unique items to collect, and a deep system that lets you customise your hero so they're totally unique.

In the vibrant, open world of Reveria your vocation is known as your 'Life', and there are 12 different Lives to choose from, each with their own special abilities and gear. You can chop and change between Lives as you please, using the abilities of one Life to help you along in another. Gather precious metals as a Miner, forge them into a superb sword as a Blacksmith, then use it to valiantly vanquish enemies as a Paladin, and more. As you explore Reveria, you'll complete Quests and Challenges that level you up, making you more powerful - you might even end up saving the world!

Heading out on an adventure is even better with mates who've got your back, and there are several connection options in Fantasy Life: up to three friends can adventure together online* or via local wireless, you can cheer on your chums via Link Mode, or exchange data with other players via StreetPass so they appear in your world.

With a sweet 'n' sumptuous art style and a soundtrack by famed composer Nobuo Uematsu, Fantasy Life is a feast for your eyes and ears, too. Take in the sights and sounds at our official Fantasy Life website, where you'll also find more info on the 12 Lives, the realm of Reveria, and much more.

Posted on 21-09-2014 by Andrew


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