ETC This Years National StreetPass Day Announced!

Last year we celebrated National StreetPass Day but this year, the festivities have been extended to a whole weekend!Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September are the days of the year 2014 upon which everyone is being encouraged to get out and StreetPass their fellow Nintendo gamer, and groups around the country are out in force to celebrate the 3DS' fun games and unique community features.

Groups will be celebrating the release of Fantasy Life as well as hosting tournaments and events for popular games such as Pokémon and Mario Kart 7, alongside simply enjoying a cavalcade of Green Lights in unison with the rest of the UK.

The weekend is also that of Eurogamer's EGX expo in London, where Nintendo Life will be celebrating the occasion with the culmination of their huge Mario Kart 8 national tournament. So if you're heading to Eurogamer remember, take your 3DS and have some fun!

Also if you run a StreetPass group/Nintendo community and you're running an event on this weekend, do tell us! Pop us an email ( and we'll add it to the list here.

Last note is simply that we urge you to tell everyone about National StreetPass Weekend to maximise green lights and fun! Use the hashtag #StreetPassWeekend on Twitter and share the news wherever you enjoy sharing news. Let's get green lights popping up everywhere!

Saturday 27th September

StreetPass Basingstoke
Location: Game, Basingstoke
Focus Game: Fantasy Life
Activities: Mii Plaza Comparison (with prizes).

StreetPass Birmingham
Location: Sack of Potatoes
Focus Games: Fantasy Life and StreetPass Plaza
Activities: e-shop credit up for grabs for players that achieve select feats and accomplishments in the StreetPass Plaza! Group Comments: We're awarding a £10 'rebate' for the first players that show up with a copy of Fantasy Life in hand!

StreetPass Gloucestershire
Time: 6pm
Location: TBC, Gloucester
Focus Game: Fantasy Life
Activities: Raffle
Group Comments: Check back for updates on venue and time changes!

StreetPass Leicester
Location: St. Martin's Tea & Coffee, St Martin's Square
Focus Games: Mario Kart 7, Pokémon and Animal Crossing
Tournaments: Pokémon and Mario Kart 7
Activities: Quizzes about Nintendo knowledge, prizes related to StreetPass Mii Plaza titles, and perhaps a raffle! Group Comments: Our Pokémon tournament may not be part of the big APUK Autumn Tournament but competition will still be fierce!

StreetPass Manchester
Date TBC (well, finalised)!
Location: Bar 21, Manchester Northern Quarter
Focus Games: Fantasy Life, Multiplayer favourites
Tournaments: Mario Kart 7 possibly. Make some noise on the event page (which will totally be up soon)!
Group Comments: It's that time of year again, the point in the calendar where we celebrate the funky technical capabilities of the 3DS and revel in the joys they bring! This is as much of a chill out afternoon as anything else, an occasion to simply enjoy the delights of the 3DS instead of bounding around with too many activities on the agenda.

StreetPass Moray
Location: Elgin Youth Cafe
Focus Games: No proper focus - we'll be playing a variety!
Activities: Amusements such as 'Pin the hat on Mario', a quiz and a few others...
Group Comments: As well as National StreetPass Weekend, this is going to be our 1st birthday party! Ergo there will be lots of birthday related fun such as goody bags and cake. Lots and lots of cake. Seriously, we have two big cakes being made. That's a lot of cake.

StreetPass Newcastle
Location: Geek Retreat Newcastle
Focus Games: Everything!
Tournaments: Mario Kart 7 and possibly Pokémon.
Activities: A variety of mini challenges TBC - watch the event page to keep up to date!

StreetPass North Wales
Location: Powis Hall, Bangor University
Focus Games: Pokémon, Mario Kart 7 and Hyrule Warriors
Tournaments: Pokémon Autumn Tournament Qualifier, Mario Kart 7
Activities: Leaderboards based on the StreetPass games and a Raffle!
Group Comments: Open to all! Located in Bangor University but everyone is welcome.

StreetPass Portsmouth
Location: Royal Maritime Club
Focus Games: Mario Kart 7, Mario Party and maybe some party games on Wii U.
Tournament: Mario Kart 7
Activities: Create a Pokémon, create a birthday card for StreetPass Portsmouth. Pass the parcel.
Group comments: we are going for a party atmosphere as it's our birthday too! We're also looking into setting up a Pokémon trading station and an Animal Crossing/Tomodachi chill out zone for those looking for a calm afternoon.

StreetPass Somerset
Location: Yeovil, Labour Club
Focus Games: Pokémon X/Y, Fantasy Life and Mario Kart
Tournaments: Pokémon X/Y Autumn Qualifier, and maybe more!
Group Comments: There will be activities going on away from the Pokémon qualifier! We will even have a Wii U set up for everyone to play.

Sunday 28th September

StreetPass East Midlands
Location: Walkabout (Upstairs), Friar Lane, Nottingham
Focus Game: Pokémon X/Y
Tournament: Pokémon All the Marbles event
Activities: Raffle, Design a Pokémon Art Contest
Group Comments: Depending on time, we will have competitions on Wii U and Wii - Games TBA.

StreetPass Leicester
Location: Online
Focus Games: Mario Kart 7, Pokémon, Animal Crossing

StreetPass Liverpool
Location: Scythe And Teacup Gamer Cafe, Kempston Street, Liverpool
Group Comments: More details soon, follow the event to find out what's happening!

Outside the Weekend

For some groups, National StreetPass Weekend is no shackle to their agenda! But seriously, the following are as close to the weekend as these groups could make it, so these are, by proximity and titling, their National StreetPass Weekend event, so they get mentioned here.

StreetPass Southend
Date: September 29th
Location: Astro City, Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea
Focus Games: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Demo

StreetPass Middlesbrough
Date: 30th September
Location: Game
Focus Games: Pokemon and Super Smash Bros
Tournaments: StreetPass UK Pokémon Autumn Championship 2014 qualifier and Super Smash Bros Brawl.
Activities: VVVVVV (Space Station 1 Speedrun, fastest time) and a Nintendo Quiz.

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