ESHOP Siesta Fiesta Coming to Europe July 24th

At last, developers Mojo Bones have announced that Siesta Fiesta will behitting the eShop on July 24th and at a very reasonable £3.99/$5.99/€4.49. Head inside for the trailer.

Siesta Fiesta is a colourful action game where players take control of the snoozing Siesta as he's taken on a one-of-a-kind tour of Fiestaville: home to the beloved Fiestas. Use Siesta's bed to bounce, boost and rebound across the island's 8 fun-filled regions.

Siesta Fiesta combines various elements of classic arcade gameplay - from brick-breaker to modern-day platformer - to create a truly unique adventure. Use the ball-like Siesta to smash Piñata Blocks, activate Power-ups, battle bosses and trigger a host of whacky contraptions.

With its intuitive gameplay and varied level design, Siesta Fiesta aims to appeal to both long-time gamers and newcomers alike.

Game information & features:
• Travel through Fiestaville's 8 fun-filled regions: from the smoky canyons of BBQ Pass to the kooky psychedelic caverns of Neon Cove.
• Over 55 varied levels, featuring the loveable Fiestas.
• 8 Piñata Bosses, each with their own patterns and strategies.
• A multitude of interactive objects to keep gameplay fresh: including giant confetti-filled Piñata Blocks; pinball bumpers, speeding fans, fireball-spawning Flame Blocks, Switches, bouncing Drums and more...
• Intuitive, physics-driven gameplay designed for both seasoned gamers and newcomers.
• 3 game modes: hover Siesta using the Fan bed, fire him using the Party Cannon and push for Gold Medals in the frantic Time Trial stages.
• Exciting power-ups: freeze blocks using Ice Time! burn through levels using Flame Time! or trigger Fiesta Time! to juggle multiple Fiestas.

Posted on 14-07-2014 by Andrew


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