ALL Wii U version of SOURCE possible, needs backing though

Independent games developer and publisher Fenix Fire has added a stretch goal on ntheir kickstarter project "SOURCE", also known as "Metroidvania on wings".

Independent games developer and publisher Fenix Fire has announced their popular action-adventure SOURCE has gone live on Steam Greenlight, and gamers worldwide are encouraged to pledge their vote of support for this unique, inspiring, and ground breaking next generation multiplatform release. Furthermore, due to popular demand Fenix Fire officially announced that a stretch-goal has been added to the games crowdfunding campaign currently running on KickStarter, adding support for the highly popular Wii U gaming console!

Due to technical concerns it was uncertain whether the Nintendo technology had enough underlying power to render the phenomenal graphics, shaders, and explosive particle eruptions required for the full gaming experience. Thankfully, Fenix Fire has found ways of bringing SOURCE to the Wii U, adding support to an already impressive list of platforms that also include Xbox One, PS4, and PC thru Steam. However to get to that point a whopping $75,000 needs to be raised, whereas the current counter is at about $12,500.

Interested gamers willing to back this project should visit the kickstarter project page.

Posted on 25-04-2014 by Dennis


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