WII PSA World Tour Squash - Screenshots

Alternative Software has released some screenshots for their upcoming Wii title "PSA World Tour Squash". That's right, on the original Wii!

Alternative Software has revealed new screens for its unique squash arenas in highly recognisable locations surrounded by symbolic landmarks across the globe, for this summer's heart-pumping PSA World Tour Squash on the (original) Wii.

In-game locations consisting of iconic landmarks provides distinctive squash matches ranging from outside Australia's Sydney Opera House, the bright illuminated hub of New York's Times Square in the United States, Egypt's Pyramids, and outside the towering Victorian gothic Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square, consisting the Albert Memorial monument of Prince Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria in Manchester, United Kingdom.

PSA World Tour Squash is a realistic simulation of the fast-paced indoor racquet game, featuring all the fun of a real game of Squash, with all the tactical challenges. Play several technical shots, including drives, corkscrews, boasts and much more. Realistically modelled players feature from the official roster of the PSA, competing against the best players in the world including Nick Matthew, Amr Shabana, Gregory Gaultier, Ramy Ashour and more!

Posted on 25-04-2014 by Dennis


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