WIIU Werewolf Island Coming to the Wii U?

Game developers, Sinn Development, have confirmed that their open world horror/supernatural, first-person game could be heading the the Wii U. The game was previously slated for Windows, Linux and the Mac and a Wii U version will be made available should they be able to fund the development kits.

A faint defining line of the island appears as you approach the eerie land mass enshrouded by fog. The way the sharp jagged rocks sit by the bay and ward off outsiders in the other direction is nothing but reminiscent of the island he described. He... your uncle, a mysterious man to boot. Never here nor there but always present. He taught you more than you know, and the secrets of his estranged departure will not be left unheard. His story still burning in your mind, a flame of wonder that will only be doused when you are six feet under. The tale of the malevolent creature, with fur darker than death, and eyes as red as the blood that drains from its victims.

Posted on 14-04-2014 by Nikola


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