ESHOP Golf and Football Make Their Way to This Weeks eShop

It's a very good week for sports fans at this Thurdays eShop with not only the release of Nintendo Pocket Football Club but also the long rumored Mario Golf: World Tour Demo. Elsewhere platform fans can also get thir hands on Putty Squad while Wii U owners get a few more GBA classics to add to their collection.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
Head up your own football team and shoot for the top! Nintendo Pocket Football Club puts you in the manager's seat at your very own football club, only on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Can you keep the crowds chanting and guide your pint-sized players from the lower leagues to the wonders of the world stage? As manager, train up your players and choose your tactics wisely to make the most of their abilities. Once you're satisfied, send your team forth and watch your decisions play out in matches packed with action - but don't be afraid to alter your approach if it all starts to unravel before your eyes. Delve deep and show plenty of skill on the side line and you could lead them all the way to the glorious treble of the Pro League 1, the Federation Cup and the European Challenge Cup. With enough work, you could even bring the World Club Classic back home!

Putty Squad
(System 3 Software) Nintendo 3DS
Putty Squad is a no-holds-barred retro gaming experience brought to life for the modern gamer. Our hero, Putty, can inflate, morph, stretch, punch and absorb, taking on ferocious enemies on his mission to rescue imprisoned putties. Putty Squad features lovingly created levels that will test your timing, skill and imagination in a charming and incredibly addictive adventure.

Tiny Games - Knights & Dragons
(Reactor) Nintendo 3DS
Tiny Games - Knights & Dragons is the first in a series of mini-games collections for kids.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
(KONAMI) Nintendo 3DS
Fight back against Dracula in the third exciting instalment of the highly popular Castlevania franchise! As with the original 'Castlevania', the player's goal is to work their way through deviously challenging levels, but this time there's a difference - when the level ends, you can choose one of two paths to take for a completely different experience!

Mario Golf: World Tour Demo
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
Grab your clubs and bring fun to the fore in Mario Golf: World Tour on Nintendo 3DS family systems! Join Mario and friends for engrossing golf action on your own, or tee off with players from all over the world in thrilling online multiplayer matches. The Mario Golf series is known for combining deceptively deep golf gameplay with ideas you could only find in a Mario game, and Mario Golf: World Tour is no exception! Master a range of courses sure to test even the most experienced player. It's not all lush greens and blue skies though - take to the fairway on sandy shores, or shoot for the pin on courses inspired by the world of Mario!

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Demo
(NIS America) Nintendo 3DS
Etria is a land that has long welcomed explorers, yet even they will discover stories untold. In Story mode, you will encounter the mystery of the maiden who has lived a thousand years. Should you brave Classic mode, you'll experience the beautifully upgraded version of the original Etrian adventure, with new 3D graphics and gameplay improvements.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
(Nintendo) Wii U
The famous futuristic racing series that originated on Super Nintendo hits Game Boy Advance with supersonic force! F-Zero: Maximum Velocity brings brand new vehicles and unique tracks packed with deadly tight turns, stomach-churning speed boosts and gravity-defying jumps. Master 20 different courses and four difficulty levels as you work your way up the ranks from lowly rookie to F-Zero champion!

Golden Sun
(Nintendo) Wii U
Evil is slowly covering the world. Forces of darkness are pursuing the lost art of Alchemy, and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance. You and your companions, armed with weapons, Psynergy magic, and a host of elemental creatures, must return peace to the world. Golden Sun is an epic role-playing game with an engrossing story, set in a massive world. Gather the elemental Djinn - fire, water, wind and earth - and combine them in unique ways to produce awesome magical effects.

My Exotic Farm
(BIP Media) Wii U
At the beginning of the game, all you own is an empty field, a few pennies and a single little ostrich. You need to feed your ostrich, take care of it and improve its lifestyle. Well-fed with seed, your ostrich will lay eggs which can then be sold to the Shopkeeper. With this money, you can buy new animals at the Farmers' Market.

I am in the Movie
(CIRCLE Ent.) Nintendo (DSiWare) 
By using real time visual effects, this software literally puts you inside famous Hollywood movies. Now you can be the actor or director and recreate famous scenes or create your own ones.

Posted on 14-04-2014 by Andrew


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