WIIU Actos Games Launches Second Kickstarter

Later today, Actos Games, LLC., an independent developer in video games, will be launching their second Kickstarter for their premier entry into the Puzzle RPG genre: APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat.

Setting the initial goal at a modest $5000, down from the original goal of $15,000, Actos Games looks to secure funding from fans and newcomers to the game. Backers can choose between their version of the game they wish to acquire (Wii U, PC, etc) and claim rewards from the collector's edition or get a copy of the game early.

"We're really proud to launch the second Kickstarter for APEXICON", Jonathan Meyer, CEO of Actos Games, LLC. stated. "After our initial attempt and all the fans continuing to watch our current progress, we really believe we have a great line up of content to show off the hard work we've done for the game in recent months." After the initial Kickstarter failed to succeed its initial goal, Actos Games went back into deep development, creating a much more fully-fledged Alpha for fans to try out and see the game. "Our hope is that the fully created Alpha provides a slice of gameplay that players will want to come back for more."

Actos Games also announced that development for Nintendo's Wii U console was on the list, even though it was a stretch goal last time around. "We believe that to truly reach out to audiences, we need to develop versions for both PC gamers and console gamers, and Apexicon is a perfect fit for the Wii U GamePad." Jonathan continued. Utilizing the Nintendo Web Framework, and Construct 2, Actos Games will be bringing the highly anticipated Puzzle RPG to the platform with unique features, including local co-op play. "Having the game on the Wii U opens our capabilities on what we can do with the technology, and we're really excited to bring fans a quality experience out of the indie game scene." Jonathan remarked.

APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat is a puzzle RPG based around creating words from a boggle-like board. Calling itself a "successor to Puzzle Quest", it features four RPG classes, town-building, side-quests, and special hidden NPCs you can find to change the game's multiple endings. Similar to Bookworm Adventures, you are able to deal more damage to enemies with your words based on the skills you activate and use during combat.

Posted on 24-03-2014 by Andrew


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