WIIU Call of Duty: Ghosts Get's New Multiplayer Map

The Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has received a new patch and amongst all the various stability fixes gamers will be treated to a new Multiplayer Map. You can read all the deatils inside.

Game Update Notes: March 4, 2014 - 120.76.0


Free Fall multiplayer map is now available and added to various playlists.

Fixed an issue where the Squad Reports Screen would occasionally hang on a black screen.
Fix for a rare bots crash.
Improved operations functionality.

Additional Fixes

Fix for broken operations - playing a ranked game will restore operations
Fixed an issue where throwing a tactical grenade could cause the player to switch weapons
Fixed a Lobby Migration issue that would force the Create a Soldier screen to close
Fix to keep the Grenade Cook Timer from becoming difficult to see
Fixed an inconsistency in the presentation of profile names when switching controllers
Fixed an issue that could occur at the start of a Safeguard match where the friends list would become inaccessible
Fixed an issue where the scoreboard on the Wii U GamePad would not automatically re-open after changing Loadouts
Fix for Leaderboards no longer updating properly after a disc eject
Fixed a stuck spot that could be entered while crouching near an overturned table (Siege)
Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
Added no enemy callouts to incog perk description.
Fixed an issue where connecting to a Squads game could potentially see the buttons/title for an incorrect Squad mode.
Fixed incorrect indexing of perks with squads that had defined loadouts.
Fixed splitscreen UI bug where the dom capture bar would be in the way of the reticle.
Fix to validate reticle type even when switching sights.
Fix for sound issue when seeker explodes.
Fix for final escape being broken by player jumping off cliff after nuke activation.
Fix for drill disappearing when grabbing the drill after using SOFLAM.
Fixed unlimited weapon glitch in first contact.
Various additional fixes

Posted on 05-03-2014 by Andrew


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