ESHOP Nintendo Release First 'Free to Play" Title

Nintendo have released their very first 'free to play' title for the 3DS this week and if you haven't already downloded it, head to the eShop now! Steel Diver: Sub Wars is a strategic first-person shooter and is the successor to Steel Diver.

The game features more tactical action game play than typical shooters, as players are asked to navigate heavy-duty submarines while staying one step ahead of their enemies. People can compete in local four-on-four team sub battles and go online to battle submariners from around the world (as long as each person downloads the game for him- or herself).

The free version that features two basic submarines, the beginning of the single-player mission mode and multiplayer features is now available for download. An upgrade to the full Premium version of the game is also available for purchase within the in-game menu.

Posted on 16-02-2014 by Andrew


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