ESHOP Party With Mario at This Weeks eShop

There's not a great deal at this weeks eShop although 3DS owners do get the chance to grab the digital version of Mario Party: Island Tour. The downside: it's an impressive £39.99. A little on the expensive side we think. Do you?

Dr. Luigi
(Nintendo) Wii U
Armed with plenty of multi-coloured, two-part capsules, help Dr. Luigi clear a bottle infested with nasty viruses. Annihilate the nuisances by dropping pills of the same colour next to or on top of them - create a horizontal or vertical line of four or more like-coloured pieces and they'll disappear. Empty the whole bottle to move on to tougher challenges - but if it fills to the brim, the viruses win!

(Codemasters) Wii U
F1 RACE STARS: POWERED UP EDITION takes FORMULA ONE over the top with new content for Wii U, including four extra tracks and bonus accessory packs! Use awesome power-ups, take on jumps and shortcuts and share the fun in split-screen, in this officially licensed title which features cars and stars from the 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
(Konami) Wii U
A curse has struck Horo-Horo village and their beloved princess has vanished. All hope rests on the village's guardians, Kid Ying and Dr. Yang. This action-adventure from the popular Goemon series is a light-hearted tale for one or two players. You and a friend can explore towns for clues, play minigames and learn new moves; and then battle through platform sections to defeat each level's boss. Full of humour and Japanese folklore, The Legend of the Mystical Ninja is a quirky classic!

This is the European version of the game.

Mario Party: Island Tour
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
Whether you're a veteran Mario Party player or a newcomer to the series, Mario Party: Island Tour proves that absolutely anyone can play! Packed with 80 new minigames designed exclusively with portable gameplay in mind and seven unique boards that offer their own distinct challenges, there are so many different ways to play that you'll have a completely new experience each time you pick it up.

Castlevania II Simon's Quest
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console- NES) 
Famous vampire hunter Simon Belmont is back, in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Following his victory against Dracula in the original game, Belmont is struck by the Count's deadly curse and must track down and destroy Dracula's missing body parts to save himself. Castlevania II expands on its predecessor with the addition of new adventure elements and also a day and night system. During daytime, talk to the locals and gather clues and weapons, and prepare for the creatures that appear when the sun goes down!

Posted on 13-01-2014 by Andrew


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