ESHOP Demos and SEGA Classics Coming This Thursday

If you haven't dropped by the eShop for some time then this Thursday may be just the right time to revisit Nintendo's digital sore. You'll not only find 2 more SEGA Classics but also 3DS demos and the Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
(Nintendo) Wii U
Game Description: On a dark and stormy night, young Link embarks on an adventure he - and you - will never forget! Princess Zelda has been taken prisoner and an evil wizard is attempting to unleash Ganon, the king of darkness. Only Link has the courage to save Hyrule! A Link to the Past is the critically-acclaimed Super NES chapter in the Legend of Zelda saga; famous for its atmospheric graphics and sound, ingenious dungeons, and for introducing now-classic items such as the Hookshot, Pegasus Boots and Master Sword.

This is the European version of the game.

Wii Party U

(Nintendo) Wii U
Wii Party U is a new party game using the best features of the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote! These include good old dice games, along with games designed specifically for the Wii U GamePad and 80 new and exciting minigames to enjoy! With all these new games on the Wii U GamePad, Wii Party U is the ultimate party entertainment for people of all ages - regardless of how good you are at games!

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!
(NAMCO BANDAI Games) Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Princess Bubblegum summons Finn and Jake to the Candy Kingdom to investigate a rash of thefts and kidnappings that have plagued her kingdom. She thinks the cause lies within her Secret Royal Dungeon, where only the nastiest monsters and criminals are locked up. If they've found a way to escape, the Land of Ooo will be in danger!

(Two Tribes) Wii U
RUSH is the third and last of the Two Tribes classics to arrive on Nintendo eShop. Other games in this range include 2D puzzle platformer Toki Tori and retro inspired platformer EDGE. In RUSH's fully three dimensional levels, players need to guide cubes to colour coded exit points using Conveyor belts, Warps, Stops Signs, Splits and more! The game can be easily controlled with the stylus on your Wii U GamePad allowing your brain to fully focus on the solutions!

Wii Fit U Quick Check
(Nintendo) Wii U
To launch Wii Fit U Quick Check, you must already have Wii Fit U save data. You do not need to download Wii Fit U Quick Check if you have the paid download version of Wii Fit U. If you have the retail version of Wii Fit U, Wii Fit U Quick Check lets you easily transfer Fit Meter data, do the Body Test, and check your graphs without using the Wii Fit U disc.

3D Ecco the Dolphin
(SEGA) Nintendo 3DS

After a mysterious storm sweeps your family from the sea, it's up to you to find them and uncover the mystery behind the forces that took them. The search to find them will take you through vast underwater realms of treachery, beauty and adventure. Use your sonar to discover hidden caverns and unlock the secrets of crystal glyphs, but beware of packs of bloodthirsty sharks that search the ocean for unwitting prey!

3D Galaxy Force II
(SEGA) Nintendo 3DS 
Halcyon, ruler of the invading Fourth Empire, has marked Junos as his final target in a galaxy wide campaign for dominance. Sending the bulk of his forces, he attacks with a single purpose - to eliminate all life forms in the system in order to build the seat of his power on the ashes of each of its five planets. As the star pilot of the governing Space Federation, it's up to you to strap yourself into your TRY-X and turn the tables on Halcyon.

Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker
(Big Ben Interactive) Nintendo 3DS 
The brick breaker that revolutionises the genre! Travel through the 5 planets of Cocoto's universe to protect them from alien fire by firing back their projectiles with your magic shield. Progress through the game confronting waves of more and more enemies with increasingly amusing weapons, and unlock new powers for your shield.

Girl's Fashion Shoot
(Rising Star Games) Nintendo 3DS
Girls' Fashion Shoot lets you enter the world of fashion and become the newest star on the scene! Become a top fashion model and the editor of your own successful style magazine, using thousands of customisation options to propel yourself to the top of the fashion world. Choose your look with make-up, hair and nail art, then create outfits from hundreds of clothing items and go on photoshoots choreographed entirely by you!

Nano Assault EX Demo
(Shin'en Multimedia) Nintendo 3DS 
Stop the deadly Nanostray virus in Nano Assault EX. Experience a fast-paced action shooter, set within a visually stunning cellular system that leaps off the screen in full 3D.

AeternoBlade Demo
(Corecell) Nintendo 3DS

 In the region of Awelsia, vengeful Freya travels with an unknown weapon called "AeternoBlade" to take
revenge from Beladim, the Lord of the Mist who destroyed her village, Ridgerode, and killed her tribe. Her vengeance is helped by Vernia , who has as much merit as Beladim. Vernia taught Freya about the ability of AeternoBlade.

Donkey Kong 3
(Nintendo) Nintendo 3DS
Unique to the classic series, Donkey Kong 3 is a frantic action game starring newcomer Stanley, whose greenhouse has been invaded by the troublesome ape and swarms of angry insects. Armed with a spray can, you must push Donkey Kong up the screen while fending off the swarms of bugs intent on stealing Stanley's precious flowers. Avoid the coconuts that DK throws at you, and try to grab the power spray can for a few seconds of supercharged spraying as you aim for a high score!

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