ESHOP Combo Packs and PICROSS e3 at This Weeks eShop

Yet another good week at the eShop (especialy for 3DS owners) with PICROSS e3 finally making an appearence along with the Madagascar 3 & The Croods: COMBO PACK. Wii U owners get Mega Man X2 thanks to the Virtual Console.

(Jupiter) Nintendo 3DS 
The third Picross instalment, Picross e3, has arrived! It includes an all-new mode called "Mega Picross" that's a must-see for fans! Picross is a "Picture Crossword Puzzle Game" in which you use numbers as hints to complete illustrations. The rules are simple and easy to understand. Anyone can do it!

Madagascar 3 & The Croods: COMBO PACK
(NAMCO BANDAI Games) Nintendo 3DS 
Two full games in one pack! This combo pack contains the full versions of both Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and The Croods: Prehistoric Party! It is loaded with action and adventure featuring your favourite DreamWorks Animation characters and is sure to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages!

My Vet Practice 3D - In the Country
(Treva Entertainment) Nintendo 3DS 
Start your own vet practice in the countryside - in fantastic 3D! Build beautiful pens and stables for many different kinds of animals. You decide which animals to treat or to go out on house visits and examine the animals on the scene. Really sick animals can be admitted for in-patient care and healed in your animal hospital.

Secret Agent Files: Miami
(Joindots) Nintendo 3DS (Download) 
Mia is direct, gruff and has a big mouth. She's a good shooter, but she's also klutzy and can be pretty sensitive at times. And she always has a solution. Just not right now. The Secret Service just fired her. She has no money, no papers and no idea how she got into this situation. But she'll be damned if she doesn't find out what this crap is all about - to put it in her words. Stranded in Miami, she now goes to see her mother, whom she hasn't seen in years. And her mother has no inkling of Mia's real job. You will meet a wide variety of people over the course of this gripping tale. Some will be on your side, others not so much. Proceed with caution and be sure to look and listen closely. It's the only way Mia can survive and maybe even find out who or what is behind it all.

(CIRCLE Ent.) Nintendo 3DS (Download) 
WAKEDAS is a contemplative and thoughtful shape shifting puzzle game with the perfect combination of eye-candy visuals and serene sounds. Radiant multi-coloured tiles rest on an infinite loop; aim of the game is to group the same coloured blocks together by simply dragging your finger across the screen.

Mega Man X2
In the action classic Mega Man X2, X must lead a fight against a new threat: Maverick Reploid rebels known as X-Hunters, plus eight new and deadlier Mavericks! Fortunately, Dr Light has supplied state of the art upgrades. Seek out the capsules to equip X with a Double Charge Shot, Body Armour and more. X can also ride in vehicles like the Mobile Attack Armour and Mobile Attack Cycle. And of course, X can use the abilities of defeated Mavericks, to turn the enemies' weapons against them!
This is the US version of the game.

Posted on 11-11-2013 by Andrew


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