3DS Monster High: 13 Wishes Debut Trailer

Mattel and Little Orbit are getting in the Halloween spirit toady as they debuted their brand new video game Monster High: 13 Wishes the video game which should be available very soon.

Monster High fans will be whisked away on a voltageous adventure as they play as their favorite freaky-fab ghoul while jumping, climbing and swinging through multiple mystical levels to save Monster High and their ghoulfriends! Just in time for the holidays, Monster High: 13 Wishes the video game is available on Nintendo Wii, 3DS and DS.

In this creeperific adventure, gamers play through multiple mystical levels as their favorite freaky-fab ghoul to save Monster High. Journeying inside the magic lantern to save their school and friends, players will use their unique freaky flaws to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Choosing multiple difficulty settings to match skills, players will use "ghoul-power" to combine abilities and use teamwork to solve puzzles and ultimately save Monster High!

"By taking control of their favorite character and using her 'clawesome power move' to navigate the Monster High universe, the game embodies the Monster High motto of "be yourself," said Matt Scott, president of Little Orbit. "Diehard fans, and kids new to the phenomenon, are going to discover non-stop fun in this exciting new title."

Posted on 30-10-2013 by Andrew


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