ALL Mysterious Cities of Gold Kickstarter

We've manage to dig up yet another Kickstarter campaign which may be of interest to some of you out there. This time it's the the game adaptation of the TV classic Mysterious Cities of Gold and you could bag yourself a copy on the Wii U or 3DS.

More than 30 years after enthralling a whole generation, the cult French and Japanese anime show "Mysterious Cities of Gold" (also sometimes known as "Esteban, Child of the Sun") has been resurrected this year for a second season currently airing on leading TV channels in French-speaking countries.

This rebirth was mainly the result of a Facebook-led campaign driven by over 100.000 French fans, and all the activities they organized to keep the show alive in everyone's mind.

Today, we turn towards this vibrant and international community of die-hard fans to help us make our Mysterious Cities of Gold video game project a little bit bigger than we could make it on our own.

As huge fans of the show since its first broadcast 30 years ago, we're currently completing our dream video game based on the Mysterious Cities of Gold universe, characters and story.

Posted on 03-09-2013 by Andrew


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