WIIU Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Wii U Info

After their success on Kickstarter, Black Forest Games will finally relase their crowdfunded Jump'n'Run on the Wii U gaming system in August and we have all the details inside.

After a hugely successful campaign on Kickstarter Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will be finally available for Nintendo fans in the EU and Australia, making this the first Kickstarted project that hits all major gaming platforms. Casual gamers will find the new easy mode appealing, while hard core gamers will still be challenged by Hardcore and Uberhardcore game modes. Giana Sisters for Wii U also utilizes Wii U GamePad as a mobile playing device.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Wii U Features:

· Mobile - fully playable on the Wii U GamePad.
· Casual welcome - New easy mode for casual gamers. Hardcore and Uberhardcore Mode still supported.
· Challenging Levels - Discover three distinctive worlds with 23 challenging levels. Each one transforms from fluffy nightmare to spooky dream by a push of a button.
· Personal Style - Whether you like speed run through each of the amazing levels or take your time exploring even the last secret of Giana's dreams. It's up to you.
· Lush graphics - Detailed landscapes morph from lush, colorful surroundings to surreal, spiky nightmare worlds. It doesn't matter how often you'll see it, you'll detect new details every time.
· Amazing puzzles - Blocked pathways open up when Giana transforms: pretty flower beds mutate to thorn covered bushes and diamonds can only be collected in one form or the other.
· Legendary Soundtrack - listen to Chris Hülsbeck's tunes changing from Chiptune to the metal riffs from SID-Rockers Machinae Supremacy.
· Epic battles - from vicious gargoyles to magnificent boss-monsters. You'll need every trick in your sleeves to master all the challenges that lie ahead of Giana.

Posted on 13-08-2013 by Andrew


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