ESHOP Bugs vs. Tanks! launch trailer

There's no question that Level-5 make great 3DS games although the recent release of Bugs vs. Tanks! has had a few of our readers asking 'what's it all about?' Find out all the answers inside with this latest trailer.

BUGS vs. TANKS! is an action shooter set during World War II. In the game, players are thrust into the role of a WWII panzer squad, which has, unexpectedly, been shrunk to the size of a bug. In order to survive, players must master their tanks and engage in heated battles against ants, bees, moths, and more, all while clinging to the hope of finding a way to be returned to normal size.

BUGS vs. TANKS! features authentic WWII tanks pulled straight from the history books which players can customize by changing the body, turret, and paint, obliterating swarms of bugs in their own style. BUGS vs. TANKS! also offers co-operative multiplayer missions against some of the game's baddest bugs, with up to four friends joining the fray and the ability to call for friendly cover fire via StreetPass.

Posted on 21-06-2013 by Andrew


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