ESHOP Percy's Predicaments Trailer and Info

There's always a bi of extra stuff left over from E3 such as this Percy's Predicaments  trailer and information sheet from Majesco which should be heading to the eShop very soon.

Percy's Predicaments is a platformer/puzzle game starring Percy Penguin. A penguin with a knack for getting into problems, over a 100 problems in fact! Percy finds a magical orb which captures him inside it. Trapped inside the orb, Percy must collect the golden fish scattered throughout each level before the time runs out.

Upon examining the titles coming out in the future for the Wii U, we noticed there were not many games that were directed to a younger audience and as a result, we developed a game with them in mind. We focused on creating a game with simple controls, an easy way for gamers to get right into the game by choosing any level they wish, or they could enter story mode, and we also created levels that were suited to young gamers. This is not to say that older gamers will not be challenged or enjoy "Percy's Predicaments" as we tailored the game to carefully balance the level difficulty for novice gamers and hardcore gamers.

We have multiple worlds: The Snow Caps, an ice world; The Grass Lands, a rain infested world; The Desert, a world where sand storms are numerous and sight is minimal; The Mushroom Land, aptly named for its mushroom houses and magical properties; The Kingdom, a land full of castles that Percy will navigate; and lastly The Digital World, a tron like environment for our hardcore gamer fans that decide to give Percy's Predicaments a try.

After Launch, Maestro Interactive Games is dedicated to delivering new content to the title for at least 12 months. The team will put together new levels and have them available for download for free for a limited time each month. On top of the new levels, Maestro Interactive Games will further polish previously released levels in order to keep the quality the same across the game.

We are looking forward to delivering a total of 250 levels for players to enjoy. We feel that this sort of casual gameplay, where gamers can pick up the Wii U tablet, play a level of Percy's Predicament, turn on the TV with the gamepad and relax is exactly what is needed on the Wii U. The Wii U is for both the hardcore and the casual gamer, but with gamers time being spread out across multiple consoles, games and entertainment, the casual game is something that appeals to them.

We felt that this game would best be suited for an Off TV experience. As a result, we developed the game solely for the GamePad. However, it can be played on the TV as well, and an option to do so is presented to players right at the start of the game. Our reasoning for doing this is that we wanted to take full advantage of the GamePad and its own screen. We also believe that since this is a title for a younger generation of gamers and casual gamers alike, that they will be doing other tasks while playing Percy's Predicaments so we wanted to give them the opportunity to do so.

Posted on 17-06-2013 by Andrew


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