WIIU Could Wii U Problems be Solved with a New Metroid Game?

In a very interesting article, written on US Gaming Website Game Informer, it's been suggested that Nintendo could alter the failing fortunes of their new console by releasing a Metroid title for the platform. What do you think?

One thing we are sure of is that this wont be any time soon with Retro Studios fully focused on the new Donkey Kong Country rather than anything close to this classic shooter. The article goes on to say:

Many gamers don't feel like they have a reason to own a Wii U. Metroid might give them that reason, Nintendo. Some gamers feel slightly burned by the Wii's slow trickle of exciting titles? All the more reason to release a proven series for the Wii U. Maybe people are worried that the Wii U doesn't have the graphical horsepower to keep them entertained, but games like Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, and Xenoblade Chronicles have pretty well proved that you don't need bleeding edge hardware and photorealistic graphics to make an entertaining game. A Metroid game could also show gamers what the Wii U is really capable of - remember how amazing Metroid Prime looked on the GameCube?

You can read the whole thing now by clicking here.

Posted on 17-06-2013 by Andrew


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