ESHOP A Bumper (post E3) Week at the eShop

Get your credit cards (or points cards) at the ready as Nintendo unleashes a truely impressive week at the eShop with surely something for eberyone including the long awaited Witche's Cat and more from the SEGA Game Gear.

New Super Luigi U - Add-On Content for New Super Mario Bros. U
(Nintendo) Wii U (Add-On Content) 

New Super Luigi U, a massive add-on for New Super Mario Bros. U and also available separately as a packaged version at retail, is a platforming game featuring Luigi. All 82 courses from New Super Mario Bros. U have been retooled with new challenging designs and features for this adventure! Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but finds it a lot harder to stop moving once he gets going, so playing as him will be a whole new experience! In multiplayer mode, you can also take control of the thieving Nabbit from the original game! He doesn't take any damage from enemies, so he's well-suited for less experienced players.

This add-on content requires a disc or download version of New Super Mario Bros. U (version 1.3.0 or later) to play. New Super Mario Bros. U is sold separately.

Mario Bros.
(Nintendo) Wii U

Mario Bros. is a treasure trove of gaming history. The follow-up to the hit Donkey Kong, it was not only the first time our hero was known as Mario, it also introduced his brother Luigi, green pipes, coins and even more now-familiar elements of the Mario series.

Wrecking Crew

(Nintendo) Wii U

In this NES classic, Wrecking Crew, Mario and Luigi swap their plumber's caps for hard hats as they take on the role of demolition engineers! One or two players must demolish every obstacle in each enemy-infested level, while working out the most destructive route through the networks of ladders and scaffolds. Wrecking Crew includes a mode for designing your own levels. This Virtual Console version also features the ability to save your creations, which was not possible in the NES original.

LEGO Legends of CHIMA: Laval's Journey
(Warner Bros.) Nintendo 3DS (Demo) 

The balance of Chima rests in your hands! Join Laval the Lion and his allies in an all-new adventure to defend the Land of Chima. Unleash the power of CHI, battle fierce enemies and play with over 60 characters!

Rayman Origins
(Ubisoft) Nintendo 3DS

Rayman is back! Jump into this adventure full of surprises and epic boss battles. Play as Rayman or Globox and explore Rayman's magical universe, discover over 60 platforming levels and share your progress, unlocked achievements and more via StreetPass!

(MSL) Nintendo 3DS

The mysterious goddess, Isis, has enlisted you to battle Set and his evil minions. The challenge will not be an easy one. Use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres and destroy the approaching coloured spheres by making matches of three or more. Stop them all before they can reach the pyramids at the ends of the paths... or all of Egypt is doomed!

(LEVEL-5) Nintendo 3DS

From Keiji Inafune, creator of the MEGA MAN series and many other hit titles, BUGS vs. TANKS! is a new take on the survival action genre. When a panzer squad from the battlefields of World War II is shrunk to the size of a bug, they find themselves engaged in intense battles with the insects as they fight to return to normal size. Featuring over 30 World War II chassis and turrets pulled straight from the history books, you'll build up your tank ordnance and customise it with over 80 types of paint and styles. Engage with up to four friends in CO-OP missions via local wireless play that put you in challenging fights against giant bugs that will live up to your nightmares. You can also call on their tanks for friendly cover fire via StreetPass! Fight your war across terrains from grassy fields to murky swamps, choosing your difficulty and firing style for maximum accessibility.

3D Game Collection

(Joindots) Nintendo 3DS

Play a round of Sudoku, do a relaxing puzzle or make the other player's ships sink to the bottom of the sea. A grand total of 25 game types in three magnificently themed worlds provide plenty of variety and lots of fun. Accept the challenge and try to collect all the trophies. But be warned - it won't be easy! Every game learns and adapts to your abilities!

(Joindots) Nintendo 3DS

Accept your inheritance and leave the grey city life behind - escape to the countryside! But ... what on earth? Your grandfather's once beautiful garden has decayed. And you don't have any money. His old house's many rooms are crammed with all sorts of odds and ends, though. So you get to work, selling the stuff. News of your project spreads fast, and soon it's even in the paper. Will you manage to restore the garden to its original splendour?

The Phantom Thief Stina and 30 Jewels
(Agetec) Nintendo 3DS

Sneak past the guards, bypass the security codes and experience the rush of stealing the jewels. The year is 2120, and humanoid robot helpers are commonplace, even among thieves. Not that the Phantom Thief Stina is a commonplace thief! This self-proclaimed artist and her pack of burglar bots are taking on Detective Sara and her robotic security team in an epic battle of wits! Steal all 30 jewels to complete the game and unlock the detective mode. A real-time strategy and action game that allow you to play as both the hero and villain; which one will you excel at?

Witch's Cat
(Agetec) Nintendo 3DS

 In the previous adventure, the wicked Queen sent a large group of her precious minions, the Cheshire Cats, to find and capture Alice and Rabi. Alicia, unknown to Alice and Rabi, helped them both escape from their imprisonment. Frustrated with the fact of Alicia's inability to communicate with Alice, she wished to become human in order to speak, hoping to befriend Alice. The Queen learned of Alicia's secret desire and imprisoned her deep in the Queen's realm. Witch's Cat is not only a puzzle game, but the tale of Alicia's personal journey of faith, courage and betrayal.

101 DinoPets 3D
(Selectsoft) Nintendo 3DS

What's even more fun than a puppy for a pet? Your very own dinosaur! With 101 DinoPets 3D, you can have a dino friend to care for, teach, play with and love, all in amazing 3D. Show your dino how to dance, jump and fly, then enter pet shows to earn toys, food and furniture. Dress up your pet with hats and glasses, and enjoy fun minigames as you take your dino to the vet, give it a bath and romp in the yard. You'll never be bored with over 101 dino friends to groom, pamper, play with and love!

Defenders of Oasis
(SEGA) Nintendo 3DS

Once captured by heroes of a bygone era, the foul wizard Ahriman has been summoned by dark forces and his armies now threaten to ravage the peaceful land of Shanadar. As the prince of the kingdom, rally powerful allies to your side and lead them onward to repel Ahriman's forces throughout the kingdom in this classic Japanese role playing adventure. Recruit unique allies such as a princess, genie and thief! Fight enemies to gain strength and upgrade your heroes' weapons and armour in order to fight Ahriman

Tails Adventure
(SEGA) Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console - Game Gear) 

Sonic's trusty sidekick flies solo in his very own adventure! When Tails stumbles upon a small part of what looks to be a very large machine, he decides to embark on a journey to find its source! As Tails, fly through 12 action-packed stages on a quest to gather all the mechanical parts and discover the secret of their origin. Gather items to augment Tails's various abilities! Use your wits to defeat enemies across 12 stages, in order to discover the origin of the mysterious machines!

Armageddon Operation Dragon
(EnjoyUp Games) Nintendo 3DS

Solar System, 2037. An asteroid as large as the moon is headed directly towards Earth. Imminent Forecast: Total Destruction!!! The human race will face its Armageddon, unless you can stop it. There is no weapon powerful enough to destroy or even divert it from its Earth-bound trajectory. Only an amount of energy greater than what our sun produces could prevent it. That magnitude of energy is located outside of our solar system, at the four cardinal points of the galaxy. Visit each planet to collect the greatest amount of energy and the mission will be a complete success. Humanity will die out someday, but not this time!

Jewel Quest 5 - The Sleepless Star
(MSL) Nintendo 3DS

Follow the travails of intrepid explorer, Percy Pack, in Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star. On a quest for a jewel called the Sleepless Star, Pack discovers that the jewel has been stolen from a Native American village by an unscrupulous jewel collector! Along with Percy and a beautiful Algonquin named Yellow Feather, travel to exotic locations on two continents and overcome dangers at every turn, in an effort to recover the jewel.

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