WIIU Cloudberry Kingdom

We're not sure how to describe Cloudberry Kingdom just yet. Apparently it's both an easy and a hard game at the same time...

Welcome to Cloudberry Kingdom! the first ever platformer with fully randomly generated levels. Every level is brand new, never seen before, and mathematically guaranteed to be possible to beat. The difficulty level can match any need, from the casual to the hardcore.

Cloudberry Kingdom was created using a proprietary algorithm written by Jordan Fisher PhD (mathematics) which is used to create the most powerful A.I. ever used to craft procedural generated game play. The game is virtually infinite as no one human could ever play every level in their, or their descendants', lifetimes. It has 1096 levels and still counting...or more levels than particles in the known universe!

The game has a number of backend features allowing new content to be added extraordinarily easily, as well as easy integration with leaderboards and other social mechanics. Though levels can be auto generated, users can save levels and send them to friends using Seeds. Seeds can also be used to host weekly competitions, allowing for continued challenges to come from user generated content. User generated content? Yes. Users can craft their own levels with an easy to use level generator using sliders to control physics, obstacle (type, frequency and difficulty), backgrounds, game play style(up, down, wall, classic), checkpoints, length, etc.

More exciting, the Game touts celebrity Voice Actors Kevin Sorbo (Comicon Icon and Star of the hit TV series "Hercules", "Andromeda", and leading role in the parody film "Meet the Spartans", his wife Sam Sorbo of "Chicago Hope" and "Hercules", and Martin Olson a.k.a. The Lord of Evil from hit cartoon series "Adventure Time".

The Game also hosts about 10 hero types as well as some Easter Egg heroes. Keep an eye out for Super Meat Boy and Captain Viridian. They are un-lockable heroes, and more are joining, which can become pretty exciting with local multi-player and Co-Op modes. The A.I. also designs levels based on the physics of each hero. If your hero uses a jetpack, then the A.I. will make the level impossible to beat without the use of the jetpack. Is your hero chained to a giant wheel? Then the momentum and speed of the wheel become essential to beating the levels. Is your hero chained to a wheel that has a jetpack attached to it? That's right; you have a tough and fun game ahead.


  • Infinite Levels
    A platformer designed with a fully random level generator. Every level is brand new and never seen before. The difficulty level can match any need, from the casual to the hardcore. Also, save and send levels to friends!
  • Hero Selection
    Play as 10 hero types and unlock more. Also create your own hero in Hero Factory, not just the look of the hero but the physics as well.
  • Multiple Game Modes
    Experience three different types of play: Campaign mode, Free Play, and Arcade mode which include Time Crises, Hero Rush, and Escalation.
  • Multi-player and Co-Op
    Up to four-player gaming with local multi-player and Co-Op modes, including bungee mode
  • Celebrity Voice Acting
    The Game touts celebrity Voice Actors Kevin Sorbo Star of the hit TV series "Hercules", "Andromeda", and leading role in the parody film "Meet the Spartans"
Posted on 11-06-2013 by Dennis


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