3DS A New Beginning for Harvest Moon This Year

Good news for all you budding farmers (and associated country people) as Marvelous AQL Europe have announced that Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for Nintendo 3DS will be making its way to Europe this year.

Published by Marvelous AQL Europe, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, will be released via a new marketing and distribution partnership alongside Zen United.

One of the most beloved series in gaming for the best part of two decades, Harvest Moon has seen 24 titles released in its lifetime and has sold well over a million copies Europe-wide.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is the first, all-new Harvest Moon, developed specifically for Nintendo 3DS. The most feature-packed of any instalment in the series so far, it brings more freedom, choice and more customisation to the player's idyllic farm life than ever before.

"Harvest Moon is one of gaming's best-loved and most enduring franchises," said Harry Holmwood, CEO of Marvelous AQL Europe. "We're very pleased to be working alongside Zen United to help bring Harvest Moon to a wider audience and ensure its continued success."

"We're very proud to be working on such a great series," said Geraint Evans, Director at Zen United. "And A New Beginning is undoubtedly one of the best in the series so far - we're hugely excited to be involved in the future of Harvest Moon."

Please look forward to more Harvest Moon announcements in the coming months.

Posted on 05-06-2013 by Andrew


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