ALL Reach Game Studios acquires Nintendo development license

Australian-based development studio Reach Game Studios is now a licensed Nintendo 3DS and Wii U developer. No concrete plans yet, but nowadays we're happy to see developers acquiring devkits instead of returning them...

Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd., a new Sydney-based game development studio dedicated to building top-tier stories and experiences, today announced that they are officially licensed to develop on Nintendo platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U

The news was announced today by studio head and creative director, Adrian Vergara.

"Reach is super excited to be able to now develop for 3DS and Wii U. Both are exciting platforms that offer interesting ways for players to connect with games, and we're excited to get hands-on with the platforms and see what amazing concepts the team have for them."

The studio is currently prototyping and discussing possible projects for the platforms. At the moment there are no concrete plans for any title.

"At the moment we're considering our options with these platforms," said Adrian, "of course the team already have some ideas cooking but we'll have to test them out and see where they fit in to our existing plans and projects. We're committed to developing 'top-tier stories and experiences' and we'll make sure we do just that. For us this means not rushing into anything."

Posted on 17-05-2013 by Dennis


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