3DS Rising Star Games goes for girls

Girl gamers, we all know they exist (and according to rumours: they're often found around Nintendo platforms), yet only little have seen them with their own eyes. Now, Rising Star tries to lure them out of hiding, with their "Games for Girls" brand. 

Rising Star Games today announced a duo of titles from its autumn-winter 2013 line-up specifically targeted at girls. With two products planned for launch on Nintendo 3DS, Rising Star Games will once again lead the pack in supplying original games. And with this, we also apologize for the introduction above, as the titles appear to be aimed at the somewhat younger girl-gamers...

Following on from the highly successful Hello Kitty & Friends series for Nintendo DS, the hugely popular franchise is back, this time on 3DS with Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends. Additionally, Girls' Fashion Shoot will be adding a sparkle to the already stellar line-up. Girls' Fashion Shoot lets players enter the world of fashion by becoming an influential model and launching a successful magazine.

"These titles highlight the breadth of the range of products Rising Star Games brings to market," said Martin Defries, managing director. "As the female install base increases on Nintendo 3DS we have a portfolio which includes releases for this growing audience. These titles form just a part of our 'entertainment for everyone' strategy across the key selling season, underpinned by strong licensed product such as Hello Kitty".

RSG's 2013 Nintendo 3DS Games for Girls line-up includes:

  • Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends
    The latest video game from the Hello Kitty & Friends franchise for the Nintendo 3DS. Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends will become a must-have 3DS title this holiday season. The world famous brand's appeal makes it a clear favourite for girls of all ages.
  • Girls' Fashion Shoot
    Bringing the glitz and glamour of the fashion world to 3DS. Girls will fill their busy schedules with photo-shoots, magazine editing and shopping. Packed full with features and gameplay, Girls' Fashion Shoot creates endless hours of creative fun.
Posted on 16-05-2013 by Dennis


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