ALL Brain Age: Concentration Training - New facts & screens

Nintendo has released some new facts and screenshots on Brain Age: Concentration Training for Nintendo 3DS.

The modern world requires people to stay connected with numerous devices ranging from laptops to smartphones, these distractions have led to information overload making it difficult to stay focused on a specific task. Brain Age: Concentration Training offers newly designed training exercises to help refine concentration skills and working memory by focusing the mind away from these everyday distractions. World-famous neurologist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima returns with newly designed and classic exercises in this newest installment of the top-selling Brain Age series, the first ever on the Nintendo 3DS system.


  • New Devilish Training modes offer a wide variety of activities to help stimulate your brain in only five minutes a day. These exercises dynamically change in difficulty based on real-time results to continually challenge players. New exercises include Devilish Mice, where you follow a set of moving mice and track their locations, and Devilish Calculations, which tasks you with solving a problem while remembering the answer to the previous problem. It gets tricky when you need to remember the answer from two, three, or more problems back.
  • Relaxation Mode offers a collection of activities designed to give your brain a break, with soothing options like Music Appreciation, which allows you to listen to relaxing musical compositions, and fun games like Blob Blast, a color-matching puzzle game.
  • In Supplemental Training mode, some of the most popular and fun exercises from past Brain Age games return to complement the new activities. You can play old favorites, like the fast-paced math challenge Calculations or writing activity Word Attack.
  • Find Training Partners to compete in Devilish Battles, a 1-on-1 comparison of your current Devilish Training results with a partner, or review best results for all the brain training exercises, and even exchange messages.
Posted on 25-02-2013 by Dennis


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