NDS Not Yet Available Reviews: Part 2

For a while now I've been tavelling the globe, seeking out the local gaming outlet, and buying titles which didn't get a UK release. Obviously this is no longer possible with the region locked 3DS but this hasn't stopped me from amassing quite a number of DS titles. So, given just how quite the begining of the year can be, the next few weeks will feature revuews of these very games and who knows, you may be tempted to pick one up on your next trip.

Handheld Gaming masters Renegade Kid are first up this week with there ofeten overlooked racer ATV Wild Ride. We picked this up on one of our jaunts to the US but is it worth you doing the same? You can see what we thought in our full review.

Next up is Spy Kids: All the Time in the World and we can only assume this game didn't get a worldwide release due to the movie being so poor. Is the game of a similar quality? You can see what we thought in our full review.

Posted on 27-01-2013 by Andrew


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