GBA Tak 2 screens

The first 5 screenshots of Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams have arrived.

The first 5 screenshots of Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams have arrived.

In the original Tak and the Power of Juju, players were introduced to a tale of good vs. evil set in an ancient, tribal world where magic (Juju) actually worked. An unsung hero was born as players maneuvered Tak, a young shaman's apprentice, to recover moonstones stolen by the evil Tlaloc in order to save the Moon Juju and restore her powers.

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams will continue following Tak on his adventures against evil. However, players will take on the role of a more experienced Tak as he goes on an epic adventure that will require him to learn all new Juju magic in order to recover the Nightmare Scepter and defeat the evil shaman, Tlaloc, once and for all. Players will maneuver Tak as he's armed with new Juju abilities. He will master the ancient Juju magic of the animals, allowing him to possess various creatures and turn himself into a Spirit Animal. This innovative sequel will also feature nine interactively designed linear environments and a returning cast of favorite characters, along with three brand new Juju gods and the introduction of Jibolba's brother, JB. Nine new Nightmare Creatures will also help to further the action. In addition, Tak will be outfitted with new Juju powered artifacts, including the powerful Dream Shaker, which affords him the power to close dream rifts.

Posted on 12-05-2004 by Dennis


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